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Last updated 05:00 21/11/2012
WHAT A TEASE: Redken Quick Tease Backcombing Finishing Spray, $36 from Rodney Wayne and other Redken salons.

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For years I've been asking experts what I need to do to keep a curl in my dead straight hair. On a photo shoot last week I finally found out the answer. You backcomb. Not Amy Winehouse matted beehive backcombing, but small, purposeful backcombing right down deep in the roots.

The hairdresser curled our model's poker straight natural hair, and to stop it dropping she took a comb and gently slid it down the hair towards the roots in tiny sections. The result was a perfect lift that lasted the whole day shoot.

I tried it at home the next day but nothing happened; the darn thing kept sliding out. "You need something for it to grip on" said my wise friend.

I thought back to the shoot day - of course, the hairstylist had sprayed Redken's Quick Tease beforehand. I got some. Applied to the roots like a hairspray, this product gives your hair the texture it needs to hold a backcomb in place. It smells incredible, like some sort of sumptuous citrus, and holds like nothing I've ever tried before. Because of the grippy texture it can also be applied as a hairspray - locking your look in place without the nasty crunch. I'm now using it in my roots pre-backcomb and curl, and in a halo over my ponytail to hold my flyaways in place.

Redken Quick Tease Backcombing Finishing Spray, $36 from Rodney Wayne and other Redken salons.


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