Review: Lancome Hypnose Star

VA-VA-VOLUME: Lancome's new mascara is not for shy and retiring types.
VA-VA-VOLUME: Lancome's new mascara is not for shy and retiring types.

Mascara is all practically the same stuff right? Sort of. It's goopy, gluggy black stuff that coats your lashes and makes you look like a sex kitten.

But there are a couple of variables that make each mascara very different - the blackening product itself, and the applicator wand. While I don't know much about what's in each gloopy black, I do know a lot about applicator brushes; mainly because I've had more than a few of them on my lashes over the years.

Lancôme has just come out with a new version of its famous Hypnôse mascara, and it's inspired by Betty Boop and her cartoonish doe eyes. Hypnôse Star is the new revolution of Doll Eyes, and it aims to give you mega-watt lashes, all due to the new design of the wand.

It's a normal wand as you know it - with a standard tapered brush, except for the fact that two whole sides are flat. It's almost as if a small ant got out a teeny lawnmower and mowed two sides of his mascara wand lawn.

It's a surprisingly simple innovation, but I found that it allowed me to bulk up my lashes considerably by running them through the 'mowed lawn'. I then combed them and added further product with the longer side of the brush.

For the days when I fancied a slightly less dramatic look, I simply used the longer side only. Lancôme Hypnôse Star retails for $58 and has a very fancy limited edition sparkly tube, but is it worth the dosh?

If you like thick and heavy well-blackened lashes then yes, this is a fantastic product. But if you're after a natural look then I suggest you try something else - this product is full noise.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star, $58, hits counters today.