Review: Wella Colour Refresh dye

22:05, Feb 03 2013
COLOUR CHANGE: This dye will transform the shade of your barnet for just a few days - perfect for the painful week leading up to a salon visit.

Two nights ago I stood in my bathroom with a towel wrapped about my body and my rubber-gloved hands covered in red goo. For the first time in 10 years, I was dying my own hair.

It can be a dodgy affair colouring your hair at home, but thankfully this was only going to last a minute or two. I was trying out Wella's latest invention - Colour Fresh - an at-home application that refreshes your colour between salon visits. Or, if you're adventurous like me, it makes you go a completely different colour for a few days of fun. I am brunette, I was going red. 

Now, if you've got any sense you'll understand that this product won't make dark hair a strawberry shade - you have to pre-lighten for that. But it did give me some kick-ass undertones, enough for people to ooh and aah over my changed locks. However, if you've got light hair it can make you go cartoonish for a couple of days - perfect for dress-up events. 

While I no longer dye my hair (this time was an exception), I can understand the draw of this product. I have plenty of girlfriends who for the week prior to their hair appointment become whining shuffling shells of themselves, so ashamed are they of their glaring regrowth.

Colour Refresh gets you through those awful days and blends your roots into the rest of your hair colour. There are also a few different violet tones to freshen up blondes (leave it in for ages and you'll get some trendy pastel tones). There are 20 shades available, and they range from the most demure blondes and browns to wacky blue, silver and red.

Wella Colour Refresh, $23 from Wella salons nationwide.