Review: GlamGlow Youth-Mud Mask

Last updated 13:53 18/02/2013
GET THE GLOW: Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliant Treatment, $98 from Mecca Cosmetica.

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Every now and then you hear of a product having a 'cult' following. Whether or not these 'cult' products are famous thanks to clever marketing or simply because they are indeed fabulous products is never clear, but what we're talking about today is seriously 'cult'.

Half-crazed beauty gurus are going mad for this product and I don't blame them. Jay Z uses it, some actress from Vampire Diaries loves it, and Beyonce reportedly used it before her Superbowl performace to get her face camera-ready.

You'll have to forgive the garish branding, it's designed specially for Hollywood's entertainers and if Britney's pink Ugg boots are anything to go by they like that sort of thing. The all-natural product promises to tighten, resurface, smoothe the skin, increase collagen production, hydrate, brighten and remove impurities; all without a surgical face-lift. Did I believe it? Not really.

I managed to convince my flatmate to join me in the trial. She was stressed out with med school exams; I'm always stressed. She was whining about her pimples, my complexion was rather dull. We smeared the gooey grey stuff onto our faces; it was gritty and clay-like - that was the volcanic rock, ash and French clay (apparently it's the most potent clay in the world). Very soon after application the tingles began. I was warned of this, but it still didn't prepare me for the sensation. We ran about the house squealing, it bordered on painful. With any other product I would have removed it immediatley, but I'd been told that this was just the increased circulation making my blood flow madly to the surface of my skin. I was instructed to leave it on for 10 minutes or so. As it dried, my skin began the promised tightening process and before long we couldn't move our mouths. All conversation ceased to a muffled mumbling. 

My mask of a face was removed with water and circular motions, exfoliating as it went thanks to the small bits of pumice and loose green tea leaves. Despite the drama GlamGlow put my face through I didn't expect a miracle, but I was wrong. 

Our skin looked stunning - fresh, bright, all dry and dull areas gone, and none of the redness or irritation I expected after the tingles. In fact, our skin was 'glowing'. The effects lasted about three days, and after the third I went back and applied it again. Addicted? Who me?

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Now as is inevitable with a product as great as this, there's a catch - it's expensive. At $98 for a 50g jar each facial will cost you around $10. This might not be realistic for a product you use a few times a week, but for special occasions you might be able to justify it.

GlamGlow Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliant Treatment, $98 from Mecca Cosmetica.

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