In our beauty bags: June 2013

17:00, Jun 20 2013
beauty bursts
NEOCELL BEAUTY BURSTS, $39.90 for 60: Finally, lollies that are good for you - or at least good for your skin. These chewy little bursts of flavour contain collagen type 1 and 3 (to strengthen skin, hair and nails), vitamin C (to boost collagen levels in the skin already) and hyaluronic acid (for skin renewal). Even if you don't believe they'll improve your skin, they are amazingly delicious and good for beating the 3pm slump. Available in tangy 'Super Fruit Punch' and Mint Chocolate flavours.
MAC False Lashes Waterproof
M.A.C FALSE LASHES WATERPROOF MASCARA, RRP $48: When you've got rain, snow and sleet to deal with it quickly becomes apparent that waterproof mascara isn't just for summer holidays, weddings and funerals. As a long-time fan of M.A.C mascaras, I can confidently say this stay-put version of the ever-popular False Lashes is the business. Not only does it withstand humidity, rain, showers and sweat, it lifts and lengthens like a dream. Cute packaging too.
Karen Murrel Violet Mousse lipstick
KAREN MURRELL VIOLET MOUSSE LIPSTICK, RRP $29.95: It tastes like cinnamon, doesn't contain any nasties and - despite the 'violet' name, is a gorgeous, totally wearable colour that suits just about everyone. We are big fans of Karen Murrell's lipsticks and this is our current go-to beauty lifesaver.
DERMALAB GENTLE CLEANSING WASH, RRP $14.99 for 150ml tube, $19.99 for 430ml pump: Sufferers of eczema, rosacea, acne or plain old sensitive skin, there's a new sheriff in town to soothe your woes. This New Zealand-made cleanser is one of five DermaLab products designed for 'problem' skin - there's a shampoo and conditioner, treatment oil and moisturiser - and they are all free from perfumes, colours, parabens and SLS. You don't have to have skin worries to use them, but you'll love them if you do.
estee lauder cheek rush
ESTEE LAUDER PURE COLOUR CHEEK RUSH, RRP $76: Don't be frightened by the bright tubes - or the highly pigmented contents - this is a gorgeously sheer gel blush that even beauty dummies can apply with ease. It's best applied with a brush (so you don't stain your fingers) on moisturised skin for a natural wash of colour. It comes in four shades - Hot Fuse, Techo Jam, Pink Patent and X-Pose Rose.
L'OREAL NUDE MAGIQUE BB POWDER, RRP $29.99: Got a handle on BB creams yet? If not, brace yourself, because they're now appearing in powder form. BB creams are basically primer/tinted moisturiser/sunscreen hybrids, and this superfine, undetectable powder offers many of the same benefits in that it makes you look like an improved, not made-up, version of your normal self. Try it over a BB cream for a true beauty boost - apply with the enclosed sponge - or buff it over your normal foundation with a brush.

We find out about LOTS of new beauty stuff every day at Life & Style. Here's what we've loved this month - including a lollies that are good for your skin, a truly waterproof mascara and a soothing lipstick that suits everyone.

What are your favourite recent beauty finds?