In our beauty bags: July 2013

17:00, Jul 15 2013
In Our Beauty Bags: July 2013
<a href="" target="_blank">SORBET SOLID SHAMPOO BAR, $22:</a> These locally-made, fresh smelling, environmentally-friendly (the paper they're wrapped in dissolve in the shower) shampoo bars are our new favourite hair treat. Why? 1) We've been using the citrus, oil-busting St Clements one for two months and it's still going strong. 2) It doesn't give us an itchy scalp. 3) Being a bar means we can get right in there and scrub bits of our scalp that often get missed with normal shampoo (bye bye lank back-of-head hair).
In Our Beauty Bags: July 2013
ELIZABETH ARDEN VISIBLE DIFFERENCE MULTI-TARGETED BB CREAM, RRP $50: This completely removes the need for a moisturiser in your morning beauty routine, it can be applied with your fingers (easy!) and is the only BB cream we've yet to try that doesn't make us break out in zits. Oh, and it's SPF 30, which is perfect for us Kiwis. There are three shades: we say buy it in a tone that looks a touch dark for your skin, as then it multi-tasks as a bronzer (don't worry, you only need a little of this product, so when it's rubbed in it won't look too 'TOWIE').
In Our Beauty Bags: July 2013
OXYGEN PURIFYING HONEY MASQUE, RRP $39.50: We find face masques are often a rip off: they come in tiny little 50ml tubs and cost more than a fancy meal out, but not this nutrient-packed tub from Nelson. The manuka honey, aloe vera, apple and cucumber masque isn't too sticky, leaves skin feeling super-soft and smooth and, as a weekly bath treat, will last for ages.
In Our Beauty Bags: July 2013
<a href="" target="_blank">SOAPWALLA DEODORANT CREAM, $22:</a> Every time we read an article about parabens we vow to go all-natural on the deodorant front. The problem is, most natural options leave us smelling of a pubescent ruby team before afternoon. Not this New York invention, however! Get over the fact you have to smear it all over your pits yourself, and you'll discover it leaves you smelling fresh all day long. Wonderful! The tea tree, peppermint, lavender and sweet orange oils give it a lovely, natural scent.
In Our Beauty Bags: July 2013
AUSTRALIS POUT PASTE, $16.50: We're loving these new, highly-pigmented lipstick-gloss hybrids. They come on with an applicator, meaning you can just apply a tiny bit (you'll only need a little - the force is strong with these ones); they're not too sticky so your lips won't become a magnet for your hair and the three shades are very-pop. We particularly love Berry Nice Kiss (right) because of its strong purple base.

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