Beauty product of the week: L'Oreal Paris NutriLift Gold Anti-Ageing Serum Foundation

08:13, Sep 27 2013
TOUCH OF GOLD: This L'Oreal foundation contains actual gold particles.

Product of the Week: L'Oreal Paris NutriLift Gold Anti-Ageing Serum Foundation ($43.99)

Foundations come and go but this one is a real sparkler. It actually contains tiny real gold particles to help skin look more radiant.

But that's really just the icing on the cake. The real strength in this foundation - which blends easily and lasts well - is that it's packed with proven anti-ageing ingredients like vitamin C, moisturising hyaluronic acid and retinol to stimulate collagen production. This means it carries all the benefits - age-preventing antioxidants and a powerful hydrator - of good skincare.

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It's not enough to constitute skincare alone - you still need a good daily moisturiser and a sunblock - but it is a powerful mid-priced guard against fine lines, age spots and dryness.

Best suited to dry and/or mature skin.

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