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Splurge or steal?: Bee venom

Last updated 11:35 22/10/2013
bee venom

TO BEE, OR NOT TO BEE?: BeeBio Venomenous Bee Venom and Fruit Booster Face Mask, $89.50 and By Nature Bee Venom Face Creme, $14.99.

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If you want to really 'bee' beautiful, bee venom is the way to go. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly relied upon bee venom to knock her skin into shape before the royal wedding; the Duchess of Cornwall is now also a huge fan.

We put BeeBio Venomenous Bee Venom and Fruit Booster Face Mask ($89.50) and By Nature Bee Venom Face Creme ($14.99) to the test.

These two new products both rely on the poison, which is used cosmetically to fool the skin into thinking it has been stung. Under 'assault', it produces more collagen and elastin, which makes it look younger and firmer.

Both of these great creams do essentially the same thing (the By Nature crème can also be used as a mask), hydrating the skin and helping it shore up its natural defences against sun damaging and ageing.

Verdict: Go for the steal. Purely as better value for money, the By Nature Face Crème wins hands down.

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