The cheap secret to perfect falsies

03:49, Jan 31 2014
SO TRICKY: Applying falsies is a fine art ... especially for those of us that don't have makeup artists in tow.

False eyelashes haven't been this big since the 60s - no Kardashian would be caught dead without them and Katy Perry has even launched her own collection.

While we wouldn't go as far as the girls on The Only Way Is Essex (do they sleep in them?), there's no denying the power of a strip of false fringing. The only problem is, false lashes can be harder to stick on than Sellotape underwater. 

Even if I get one eye perfect, the other always refuses to cooperate. I love the way false lashes look when I get them professionally done (try the MAC or Smashbox counter if you're keen), but it's nice to master a makeup skill on your own.

THIS LOOKS ODD: But is mighty handy.

Enter the QVS Eyelash Applicator Kit, $9.99, which consists of a weird looking clamp and some teeny tweezers. 

I must admit, I expected this to be another beauty gimmick. However, somehow it helps you manoeuvre so that sticky part of the strip sit flats on the eyelid, right at the lash roots.

Simply clamp the ends of the (glue-tacky) falsies and press onto the base of your real lashes, then release. 


When I used to try this manually, I was always trying to press down, whereas this tool makes you press inwards - this could be its secret.

My result? 100 per cent success. I'll definitely be adding these to my beauty toolbox. 

One last tip: If you cut the strips in half and just use them at the outer corners, you get a more realistic result - people just think you have naturally luscious lashes.

Cheer up Kimmy, your lashes look phenom' ...