Great or gimmick? Scented nails

SMELLY FINGERS: But in a good way ...
SMELLY FINGERS: But in a good way ...

Now that everyone is getting gel manicures, regular nail polish brands need to get even more inventive to entice us.

Revlon has pulled out all the stops in this regard lately, coming out with everything from crackle and chalkboard polishes to designer decals (a nail sticker collaboration with Marchesa). A few years back they offered scented nail polish as a limited edition, but now they have created an entire range based on the idea, complete with new bottles that seem inspired by vintage fragrances. 

The Parfumerie collection consists of 24 shades, in three fragrance categories (Fruits & Florals, Sweets & Spices and Freshes). Each $17.50 polish shade gives off its own perfume, thanks to fragrances and essential oils that release once the polish is dry (you'll have no luck simply smelling the opened bottle, so don't suffer through that).

We found that the fragrance is definitely noticeable and lasts for a day or two (it's most evident any time you have your hands near your face). 

We tried quite a few colours and found the scents fresh and pleasant. On the plus side, if you're going to go for a gimmick, it may as well be from a respected, affordable brand who've been making decent polishes for years.

As for the cons, you can't tell which scent you're getting until after you've applied it (most are yummy, but we did find a floral that was a bit grandmotherly). And because you don't use a topcoat (so nothing covers the scent), your manicure won't last quite as long.

Hmmm, but could this be Revlon's next big idea - keep the coloured nail polish fragrance-free, and do a line of clear topcoats that you can select by scent?