On trial: Nioxin Diaboost hair thickener

16:00, Mar 10 2014
Nioxin Diaboost
VOLUMISER: Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Hair Treatment, $64.95.

When it comes to hair, thin is definitely not in.

If you have fine hair, no doubt you use various volumising products to give it a boost, such as mousse, hairspray or one of the new hair dusts.

However the problem with volumising styling products is that using too much can weigh strands down, leaving hair looking limp (the very problem you were trying to fix).

Now there's a new product to help plump up fine hair, and I recently put it to the test.

Nioxin Diaboost, $64.95 at salons from April, is from the makers of several haircare systems for thinning hair.

While their core products are designed to improve scalp and hair health over time, the new Diaboost is an instant-fix product.


The idea behind it is that hair looks thin not just because there are fewer total strands, but also because the diameter of each single hair is smaller.

It contains a mix of caffeine, panthenol and niacinamide, which envelopes each hair shaft to boost diameter.

The makers claim that this gives you the look of an extra 11,000 hair strands (based on the average scalp of 100,000 hairs). 

I tried the product, which is similar in consistency to a serum or light gel, on one side of my hair, prior to a blow dry. (Disclaimer: I already have very thick hair so I'm not really the target audience for this product).

Afterwards, when I tousled my hair at the roots, you could definitely detect more body and volume on the treated side. I imagine if you had finer hair, the effect would be even more obvious.


If you're tired of using mousse and spray to get volume, this is a great alternative.

It won't weigh your hair down and gives it a visible lift at the roots. Because it's a sheer formula, you don't get product build-up like you do with mousses and gels.

But it's quite a big outlay for a hair product, so I'd recommend asking for a test drive from a salon when you're in for a regular cut or blow dry.

For a Nioxin salon, see nioxin.com or call 0508 493 552.