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Fancy some 'octopus highlights'?

A typical example of the octopus highlights application in progress.

This new colouring technique is bound to raise some tentacles.

The 2016 self-tanning guide gallery

The ModelCo girls prove that faking it is the best way when it comes to tanning.

Scared of turning yourself into an oompa loompa? Don't fear - here's the best products to spend your bucks on.

Do IUDs cause acne?

Carly Humbert developed severe acne because of an IUD.

For some unlucky women, birth control can wreak havoc with skin.

The best in faux glow gallery

The cabana boy is taking a very long time to bring my mojito.

Try of these easy ways to add a golden glow to your face and body.

What were the best beauty products of 2015? gallery

Cheap and chic Essence was one of our fave new beauty launches this year.

We tried tons of new beauty products, but these were the standouts in a stellar year. 

The nail craze that'll leave you shattered

This nail art mimics the effect of shattered glass on nails.

There's a new manicure trend in town and this one wins top points for creativity.

Get perfect pins this summer

We'd be pretty happy if we had legs like these.

Here's a line-up of tips to help you get your legs looking their best.

Get Victoria's Secret lashes

Her lashes are done, so it's time for a hairstylist to work her magic on Kendall Jenner before the show.

Getting their bodies may take a little more time, but nailing their bedroom eyes is within reach.

Summer beauty hacks

Fake tan and waterproof makeup wil have you set for summer.

From faster fake tan to making makeup last, here are some simple solutions for the warmer weather ahead.

Why you should put acid on your face

These ultra-hydrating products will help plump up your skin.

This acid won't burn your skin - it's the secret hydrating ingredient that everyone can benefit from.

10 new beauty buys for spring

A fresh new fragrance or the latest makeup - what's on your spring beauty wishlist?

Celebrate warmer weather with brighter makeup, uplifting fragrance and pampering body products.

Serums to supercharge your skin

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster, $106; Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair (and Buffer Cream), $174; Kiehl’s Iris Treatment Essence, $60; and One Truth 818 Serum, $299.

From dose-your-own retinol to an amazing anti-ageing molecule, these advances could be the key to youthful skin.

The best quick fixes for brows

She of the wow brows - Cara Delevingne.

Thick, healthy and groomed brows can do so much for your face - so here's the products you need.

Get the best out of your primer

Widely regarded as having one of the best complexions in the business, actress Cate Blanchett would know more than a thing or two about the benefits of primer.

Primers aren't crucial, but they do add polish. Here's how to use them.

What's in ZM Megan's beauty bag?

She applies her makeup at 4am, and so knows how to make it last... but what's Megan's biggest beauty regret?

She applies her makeup at 4am, and so knows how to make it last... but what's her biggest beauty regret?

7 mascaras you can rely on gallery

All aflutter: Mascara can make all the difference to your beauty look.

Some mascaras are worth batting your eyelids for.

Vitamins instead of moisturiser?

Just eat it?

Food full of vitamins and minerals is good for your skin but can it take the place of moisturiser?

Dermalogica: A skin saviour?

10042015. FFXTS-SUNSTUFF Photo:
Acne pimple skin blemish spot skin care girl. Beauty care girl pressing on skin problem face. Woman with skin blemish looking at mirror isolated. Beautiful young Asian Caucasian female model.

Some things you can count on through thick and thin.

Pastels are back

PASTEL PLUS: A Kenzo model wearing makeup by MAC.

Creamy pinks are both subtle and sophisticated – and they're universally flattering.

Sunday makeup loves

Lip Macaron baume pour les levres

Try some of these new and hot products to update your autumn look. 

Innovations for your beauty bag

Simple's micellar cleansing water, $11.99.

Lip oil, micellar water and tints - this trusty trio is well worth incorporating into your regime.

This week we're obsessed with gallery


Orlando Bloom's manbun, Taylor Swift conspiracy theories and Fifty Shades-themed nails.

10 beauty products to try in 2015

Want to keep up with the beauty times? These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014.

These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014. Clear space in your medicine cabinet ...

10 Xmas gifts for beauty junkies gallery


From pamper time to primping tools, these are our 10 favourite beauty buys of 2014.

What to look for in a serum

PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS: They may not be all natural but products such as these can improve your skin's appearance.

After a serum you can trust? Tracey Strange outlines what to look for.

What's new in beauty?

LET'S TRY IT: Sunday lets you know what's new in the beauty world.

We review body scrub, lip balm, nail polish and a moisturising foundation to treat yourself with this spring.

Review: Physiogel lotion


Don't let its no-frills packaging and medical-style name put you off...

Sunday loves: new in beauty

TRY THIS: We take a look at beauty products you may like to try.

Mascara, night cream and micro-glitter nail polish: We take a look at what's new in beauty.

Sunday loves: What's new in beauty


We give you a round up of the latest and greatest in new beauty products.

This week we're obsessed with


A glorious milk drink, Kate on diets, Benedict and penguins, Parisian street style and much, much more ...

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