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This week we're obsessed with gallery


Orlando Bloom's manbun, Taylor Swift conspiracy theories and Fifty Shades-themed nails.

10 beauty products to try in 2015

Want to keep up with the beauty times? These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014.

These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014. Clear space in your medicine cabinet ...

10 Xmas gifts for beauty junkies gallery


From pamper time to primping tools, these are our 10 favourite beauty buys of 2014.

What to look for in a serum

PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS: They may not be all natural but products such as these can improve your skin's appearance.

After a serum you can trust? Tracey Strange outlines what to look for.

What's new in beauty?

LET'S TRY IT: Sunday lets you know what's new in the beauty world.

We review body scrub, lip balm, nail polish and a moisturising foundation to treat yourself with this spring.

Review: Physiogel lotion


Don't let its no-frills packaging and medical-style name put you off...

Sunday loves: new in beauty

TRY THIS: We take a look at beauty products you may like to try.

Mascara, night cream and micro-glitter nail polish: We take a look at what's new in beauty.

Sunday loves: What's new in beauty


We give you a round up of the latest and greatest in new beauty products.

This week we're obsessed with


A glorious milk drink, Kate on diets, Benedict and penguins, Parisian street style and much, much more ...

Sunday loves: Hyaluronic acid moisturisers


Here's what we're loving this weekend, when it comes to special face creams.

On trial: Elizabeth Arden's Five-Minute Facial


If you ignore the initial tattoo-like sensation (promise it's worth it), this new duo will sort out your pores in no time.

Sunday loves: New beauty arrivals


We take a look at what's new and luscious in makeup and skincare.

Getting the good oil on skincare


Oils that promise better skin aren't of the snake variety any more.

Bath + mask = bliss


Is there anything more restorative than a steaming hot bath? Try throwing in a spa-worthy face mask too.

Could this be the source of perfect skin?


Serums are the potent, powerful, rock stars of skincare.

Sunday loves: eye creams


We have gathered together three creams that help the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes.

This week we're obsessed with


James Franco and Peter Dinklage's new hairdos, a fresh chocolate flavour, stylish raincoats and some scary drag.

Straight hair & chip free nails at home


We're in love with two new products that mean silky hair and chip free nails without a salon price tag.

Face scrubs are back


From fine powders to electrical gadgets... here's all you need to know about facial scrubs.

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