Four Legs Good

07:15am 27 Mar 2015 There are advantages to having a small dog, rather than a big one. When a small dog pulls on the leash, you don't get dragged anywhere. You can hold a small dog steady while checking the mailbox or putting the key in your front door. A small dog fits in the bath, for a wash that's relatively non-messy. It eats and poos less, in volume terms.

Moata's Blog Idle

Everybody needs good neighbours

05:00am 26 Mar 2015  We have neighbours, and like a lot of people we don't really have that much to do with them. We nod if we happen to be at our front gates at the same time or occasionally say hello, or like yesterday, cautiously introduce The Master to their cute dogs. Contact is infrequent but benign.

We're Building a House

Jon Bridges shares baby photos

12:31am 18 Apr 2014  This is a PS to my blog about our house build in Three Kings Auckland. If you were one of the readsters of my blog who was keen (and in some cases desperate) to see pictures of our baby, this is for you. If you are not interested in baby Zeno, your heart is made of stone and there is nothing to see here. 

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