Four Legs Good

06:00am 14 May 2015 I can remember, as a boy of about 8, watching the family cat in our back yard chewing on grass. This was a cat who'd eat almost anything, including Vegemite toast and fruitcake, but eating grass struck me as especially incomprehensible.

Moata's Blog Idle

Do you know where your toddler is?

05:00am 07 May 2015  Since returning to full-time employment after having a child I've faced a number of obstacles. Most of them are The Master's toys which are strewn from one end of the house to the other. But certainly the removal of daytime naps from my life has been a sad loss. And then there were the feelings of sadness that I'd be spending less time with the little guy .

We're Building a House

Jon Bridges shares baby photos

12:31am 18 Apr 2014  This is a PS to my blog about our house build in Three Kings Auckland. If you were one of the readsters of my blog who was keen (and in some cases desperate) to see pictures of our baby, this is for you. If you are not interested in baby Zeno, your heart is made of stone and there is nothing to see here. 

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