Moata's Blog Idle

05:00am 21 Apr 2015 It is the height of foolishness to fall in love with a literary character.

Four Legs Good

Furry Friday: The eyes of a dog

06:23am 24 Apr 2015  The name we give to reflective road-studs is "cat's eyes". They startle us into driving more safely. But what would happen if our roads were lined with "dog's eyes"? I speculate that we'd never reach our destination, because we drivers would be all melted into puddles of adoration.

We're Building a House

Jon Bridges shares baby photos

12:31am 18 Apr 2014  This is a PS to my blog about our house build in Three Kings Auckland. If you were one of the readsters of my blog who was keen (and in some cases desperate) to see pictures of our baby, this is for you. If you are not interested in baby Zeno, your heart is made of stone and there is nothing to see here. 

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