Moata's Blog Idle

11:01am 29 Jan 2015 What does it mean to be a proud New Zealander? Does everyone actually understand democracy? Do only some people get to have opinions on politics? 

Four Legs Good

The benefits of reading to dogs

12:10pm 28 Jan 2015  Last week some kids gathered at Pinehaven Library, near Upper Hutt, to do a bit of reading-out-loud. Their listeners were a relaxed lot who took the attention and the stories in their stride. And why not? They were gentle, well trained dogs, after all.

We're Building a House

Jon Bridges shares baby photos

12:31am 18 Apr 2014  This is a PS to my blog about our house build in Three Kings Auckland. If you were one of the readsters of my blog who was keen (and in some cases desperate) to see pictures of our baby, this is for you. If you are not interested in baby Zeno, your heart is made of stone and there is nothing to see here. 

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