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This week, I have gladly headed up the stairs to my craft cave, only to find my steps slow somewhat as I get nearer to the door and remember what lies within. What lies within would make Monica Geller cry. Okay, definitely cry and possibly combust.

Somehow, sometime, the clean, white and deliciously smooth top of my desk turned into something resembling a car crash. I'd like to be able to say that exercising my once-in-a-generation creative talent leaves no time for tidying but it would be a lie. Oh, how I would love to have a room that looked a like any of these! Instead it looked like this.messy desk

But I can, in honesty, pin the blame on my enthusiasm. You see, in my case a messy desk is a messy mind. It is usually a sign that I am in the midst of a creative maelstrom. It means I have up-ended my button jar, laid out all my ribbons, raided my fabric stash and generally had more than a little fun. Who am I to interrupt a creative burst in order to do a little organising?

But still, while an unruly environment might represent an inspired time, it's not conducive to actual production. To actually manufacture, I need my ducks in a row because the jumble is distracting.

The problem is that I have a bit of Monica Geller's obsessive compulsiveness about me and so would like everything to be just so, but I also lean toward the Albert Einstein school of thought on the matter. It was he who once said, "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?" Dead right Bertie, I couldn't have said it better myself.

When I first started living with my husband, he had a tidy, orderly life. He did his best to imprint his "everything has a home" philosophy on my psyche but I confess it's usually only once I already have the mother of all messes that I remember I should have put everything back where it came from. Too often my Sunday crafternoon is gone before I have even started to cut, stitch, or sew. I would never survive in a "clean desk policy" office. It's just not fun to sit and try to ignore the omnipresent reminders of my domestic shortcomings.

Desk: Post cleanSo, once again I tackled my dastardly desk and I thought you might like to see the progress I made. How virtuous am I?

Who else out there in cyberspace has to have things "just so" before they can get on with it whatever "it" is? I was the same when I worked fulltime. I used to look at the inches of dust on other desks in my pod (you know who you are) and think that my messy was way better than their dirty. That I just couldn't ignore. So am I fastidious or finicky?

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Mayfield Manor   #1   03:30 pm May 23 2012

Ha! Had to have a total clean up of my own craft cave last night, in honour of guests coming to stay, it took an hour and a half, there was fabric and thread everywhere. My messy was certainly on a par with yours. Plus some kind soul sent me a gorgeous goody bag of craftiness that I had to find a place for xx

janet   #2   05:09 pm May 23 2012

wow that looks great. I love your chair. My craft room is terrible. You can hardly open the door from the bags of quilting fabric everywhere. It makes my husband cry everytime I leave the door open. My wool is in reasonable order though- I got those cubes from the warehouse which are great for it and helps me categorise into different plys. My work desk, much the same (with less pretty fabrics!)

Colleen   #3   06:48 pm May 23 2012

Wowsers, how nice to receive a parcel in the post. I have a friend who sends me things too and I swear, it's like Christmas. Surely in your manor house there's room for everything? ;-)

Colleen   #4   06:52 pm May 23 2012

@janet, so happy you like my chair! I bought a pair of them on Trade Me for a snip and then had them recovered. They are easily my favourite pieces of furniture in the house and I love that they were once old and unloved and are now madeover and cherished....

Lucy   #5   08:05 am May 24 2012

I always had to tidy my craft stuff away from little (and not so little) fingers. Oh, the joy - they've left home and I have a craft room of my very own. Everything stays exactly where I left it; I can return anytime to work on a project and shut the door when I have to be somewhere else.

Fleebitten   #6   08:46 am May 24 2012

Ooh just cleaned up my craft cave at the weekend. I have those 60litre roller bins from the Warehouse which have lids and are stackable. Managed to empty one totally and then dutifully refilled it! My other half just rolls his eyes too - however as i point out his 50 square metre man cave could do with a tidy as well! Not sure why his space is bigger than mine - in fact a whole seperate building! It was cathartic cleaning though and now i can start pattern cutting ready for the garments to be sown!

Beebop   #7   09:10 am May 24 2012

My biggest hurdle at the moment is the recent inheritance of all my Grandmother's craft goodies. And she was an even bigger hoarder than me! So not only do I have to tidy away what I already have, I have to find homes for things that weren't there before and to be honest I just don't know if I have the space. So my logic is: if I don't start, I can't fail. The result: it's a horrible, ridiculous mess and I just have to hope the cats don't get in there because I'm not sure they'd be able to find a way out. I can always clear away a corner of my desk for those urgent projects though ;-)

Pickles   #8   10:56 am May 24 2012

@Colleen #4 "....had them recovered."

As in you didn't recover them yourself?! OH MY! Please hand back your Queen of Crafts crown back on your way out the door!!

PS my craft cave has been turned into a man cave - I'm uncertain how this happened but I now seem to be forever cleaning up glitter, glue and fabric scraps from the lounge!

Colleen   #9   08:22 am May 25 2012

@Pickles...Upholstering isn't a skill I possess at the moment but it's definitely on my to do list. Having the chairs recovered was a bit of an experiment really. The chairs were rough and ready but super comfy and I could see they could be beautiful again. It cost me far too much to have it done, and I definitely learned that I don't want to pay for it again. I'd love to have a crack at one of these....

sarahg   #10   08:37 am May 25 2012

Well good on you for tidying up - now could you pop over and do my loft too! At least tidying up is less likely to result in slightly suggestive sock monkey pictures - which did really make me laugh. I think you're definately onto a new trend there! Actually perhaps there should be hidden images in your blog photos from now on - I dare you!

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