Tutorial: Easy mini-bunting

This is another project I'm in love with, mostly as it appeals to that not insubstantial part of me that likes instant gratification. But there are other reasons why this is a good little number - it's a great project for those scrappy little bits left over from bigger projects, it requires only straight stitching and it makes a lovely gift - or at least it does in my humble opinion. I've been thinking quite a bit about the dimensions of things of late and it struck me that teeny bunting would be sweet and in some ways better for an indoor situation. This bunting is single sided, meaning it is best strung against a wall rather than across a room so you don't have the reverse side showing. All up this project probably took me a little over an hour - the work is all in the cutting and pinning. Right, here's how I did it....


Contrasting fabric scraps

3m bias binding (or as long as you would like)

Sewing machine and thread


Step One:

Draw and then cut out a template for your flags. I made mine 11cm wide by 10cm long.

Step Two:

Cut out enough triangles from your scraps to stretch the length of the binding. I used six per metre, so about 18 to 20 for 3m of bunting allowing for a gap of about 9cm between each. I cut mine with a straight edge as I didn't mind a little fraying as I think it adds to the eclectic kind of feel I was after, but if you don't want fraying you could use pinking shears to cut your flags out.



Step Three:

Take one end of your binding and fold it back on itself to create a little loop, pin in place and then stitch across it, either by hand or machine.





Step Four:

Starting about 12cm along from your loop, start placing each flag inside the binding and pin in place at each end of the flag to prevent it slipping when you are sewing. I left a gap of 9cm between my flags. Don't leave too big a gap or your bunting will seem a bit sparse. Also, make sure your fabric flags are all facing the same way, I pinned mine in with the wrong side up - you don't want to have to unpick later because some of your flags face the wrong way.



Step Five:

Using a straight, medium length stitch and starting about 2mm from the bottom of your binding, sew  along the whole length of your bunting, removing pins as you go. Sew right down and off the raw edge of  your binding.

Step Six:

Turn the remaining end of the binding over itself and sew a loop as you did at step three.

Step Seven:

String up wherever you fancy and stand back and admire.



What do you think - fancy giving it a go? Some little lady in my life is going to be so happy when I give this to her. It's a great present idea!

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