One-minute makeover

01:41, Aug 13 2012

Sometimes less is more. I haven't always followed this sage advice once imparted by some wise person and the result is that I can at times look like a walking rainbow with just too much going on in the colour and texture department. Not that I let that stop me, of course - it's all about the feel-good factor. If I wear it, I feel it, which means happy colours equals happy me. I wonder if Margaret Mahy felt the same about her rainbow wig. I could totally understand if she did.

Sometimes I mull a project, thinking up big plans for something which ultimately takes me ages to complete, remains unfinished or, worse, becomes something I am less in love with by the time it is all done.

This weekend I learned something from this little oak cabinet. I bought it off TradeMe for a whopping $2 almost two years ago with a view to giving it the decoupage treatment I have showed off to you before. It would, I envisaged, be covered in some delicately patterned black fabric, perhaps with a Japanese flavour, and then glossed within an inch of its life to give it an almost ebony look. In my mind's eye, I loved it.

So, for a long time I have been on the hunt for a fabric that was just right. In the meantime this little cabinet has been collecting dust in the garage. I came to admire its pale colour and hardy grain and started to think that maybe it didn't deserve a total makeover, that maybe it has a little merit in its own, simple right. Instead of my mind's eye, I looked at it with new eyes.

But it was just a little plain for my liking. I guess it was too ordinary even if it did have some redeeming features in its nice lines and lack of borer.

What to do? Well, a rummage round the craft cave provided the answer. I wasn't even sure I knew what I was looking for but check out these babies. These are little doorknobs I bought once upon a time in London for I don't know what. Something, sometime would be just right. And I was right! Check out how my little cupboard went from drab to fab! What do you think? Which handle do you like best? Perhaps I can just change them with the season? Small change, big difference.


Anyway, I am pretty happy. Not only did I achieve in one minute flat a makeover but I used what I already had. Result! The great thing is that I have made no permanent changes, I haven't even given it another coat of gloss, just a clean and polish. So if ever I decide I want the decoupage look, I'm still free to give it a go.

Have you ever given something a tweak and achieved a transformation? Maybe you stitched a pattern on to a plain white T-shirt or sewed some badges on to a blanket?

I know it's not a complete overhaul but I like it. What do you think? Was I criminal to even consider covering up the golden oak colour in the first place?

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