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When a neighbour feeds your cat

01:19pm 16 Oct 2014


Cats can be cruel. And I'm not talking about the morbid games they play with caught mice - I'm talking about how they can mess with the human heart and cause dramas and dilemmas that would test anyone's wisdom. Here's a example.

Cat push
  How movable is a cat's love?
A blog reader named April told me the story of her cat Yoshi. Well, Yoshi was her cat to start with, before complications set in.

Yoshi went missing. After April placed "missing" posters in her area, a neighbour made contact to tell her that the new couple over the fence had Yoshi.

"Sure enough, when I go to their house, they have cat bowls, food, treats, litter box, cat house, everything you can think of," says April. 

These neighbours had been feeding Yoshi, who has continued to spend all her time with them.

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Furry Friday: Made for the outdoors

10:42am 17 Oct 2014


You don't really know a beach, park or walkway till you've crossed it with a dog as company.

You see it in a different way. You see the dangers, to both health and hygiene. You notice all the things that a dog might want to pick up. You see the possibilities for enjoyment - at least, you see what your dog might interpret as a possibility for enjoyment, but which you might rather avoid.

Dogs are made for the outdoors, which means they're made for spring, they're made for right now. So today let's marvel at magnificent dogs in outdoor splendour. 

We start with Ciccio, who's been looking for something to take home later. Which might be the stick, or more likely four pawfuls of sloppy sand.


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In pics: Furry friends having a snuggle

08:52am 10 Oct 2014


Batman and Robin are action heroes. They're always in action, at least when we see them. We're not interested in them when they're sitting quietly in their trackies watching telly, or listening to Checkpoint while ironing their capes, or searching TradeMe on the Batcave desktop for good bulk deals on ninja razor-discs. We don't want to see their downtime. They're the Dynamic Duo, not the Static Duo.

But this week I choose to celebrate static duos. These are pet pairings together and at rest. These are our beloved inaction heroes, lazy but loyal.

Sasha and Sandy await your call to action, especially if a feed or a w-a-l-k is in the offing.


Silla and Bassi are siblings who have managed to align their sleeping patterns.

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Why puppies are important

12:47pm 07 Oct 2014


Today I want to tackle the controversial issue of puppies.


Yes, I know there's National Hug a Puppy Day, and a biennial Commonwealth Puppy Summit, and the United Nations International Year of Tickling Puppies. I know all that.

I'm fully aware that a Ministry of Puppies has been established, and I'm cognisant that, due to political pressure by the Puppy Party, its 13-year-old leader has recently been named Undersecretary for Puppies with Special Responsibility for Tiny Black and Tan Ones.

So I do acknowledge that important strides have been made in the general area of, you know, puppies.

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26 snaps of pets giving us 'blue steel'

10:00am 03 Oct 2014


One of my favourite types of pet photo is the candid glance - the peep. It's when you point your camera at your pet and it kindly, eventually, favours you with a glance, either back at you or off into the distance. It's as though they're taking the tiniest possible moment out of their day to acknowledge you, give you the photo you crave, and then, if you will only stop bothering them, get back to the job at hand.

Which, most often, is sleeping.

So welcome to today's peep show, a collection of pets peering out from their inner worlds.

Our smouldering cover-cat is Layla. When she looks at you, boy do you stay looked at.


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