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28 furry rule-breakers

11:00am 31 Oct 2014


Pets fail to realise that certain places are not designed for them. Their attitude is "if I can jump on it, or get inside it, or push my face into it, I should have the right to do so, if not the obligation".

Go ahead pet owners, set as many rules as you like, mark out boundaries and draw lines in the sand. Just be prepared for those rules to be broken and those banned places to be intruded on by brazen but innocent-faced pets.

And when that happens, put your annoyance aside and get ready with a camera.

Meet the cover-pet in today's collection of pets-in-inappropriate places, Abigail the seal Burmese. She's lucky enough to live in a house where the basin is both broad and sun-drenched.


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When your 'fur-baby' is more like your 'fur-partner'

11:26am 29 Oct 2014


Many people call their pets their "fur babies". But is it true that, for some of us, the terms fur-boyfriend, fur-girlfriend, fur-spouse, or fur-civil-union-partner would be more to the point?

And would this even be a bad thing?

Nat postI pose these questions to you after reading an article in Canada's National Post. Its headline gets you to the point: "Pets as partners: Growing number of young singles treat cats and dogs like replacement girlfriends and boyfriends".

In case you don't read it, here's the article's main point: some young people are putting off forging long-term relationships and forming families and instead focusing time and money on pets, who they perhaps tend to humanise a bit much.

A new, weird and significant trend, apparently. Who would have thought!

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Furry Friday: Pets in the living room

08:15am 24 Oct 2014


Do you call it your living room, or your lounge? Or even, under the influence of the Living Channel, your "reception area"? Whatever you call it, it's where you are most at ease. I haven't been in there, personally, but my guess is that it faces northish, has a window, and at least one chair facing toward a TV.

My guess, too, is that there's a pet currently in there. Because it's their living room too.

Today, some pets have invited us into the living space they share with their human companions. So come in, set a spell, take your shoes off, have a heapin' helpin' of their hospitality.

Our top dog is Luca, who was caught by the camera as he went on a search. Perhaps he's after one of the toys we can see under the couch.

Luca search

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When a neighbour feeds your cat

01:19pm 16 Oct 2014


Cats can be cruel. And I'm not talking about the morbid games they play with caught mice - I'm talking about how they can mess with the human heart and cause dramas and dilemmas that would test anyone's wisdom. Here's a example.

Cat push
  How movable is a cat's love?
A blog reader named April told me the story of her cat Yoshi. Well, Yoshi was her cat to start with, before complications set in.

Yoshi went missing. After April placed "missing" posters in her area, a neighbour made contact to tell her that the new couple over the fence had Yoshi.

"Sure enough, when I go to their house, they have cat bowls, food, treats, litter box, cat house, everything you can think of," says April. 

These neighbours had been feeding Yoshi, who has continued to spend all her time with them.

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Furry Friday: Made for the outdoors

10:42am 17 Oct 2014


You don't really know a beach, park or walkway till you've crossed it with a dog as company.

You see it in a different way. You see the dangers, to both health and hygiene. You notice all the things that a dog might want to pick up. You see the possibilities for enjoyment - at least, you see what your dog might interpret as a possibility for enjoyment, but which you might rather avoid.

Dogs are made for the outdoors, which means they're made for spring, they're made for right now. So today let's marvel at magnificent dogs in outdoor splendour. 

We start with Ciccio, who's been looking for something to take home later. Which might be the stick, or more likely four pawfuls of sloppy sand.


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