Furry Friday: Happiness is a puppy

23:02, May 08 2014

The two most famous things ever written about puppies are a) a nursery rhyme defamation that puppy dog tails are part of what constitutes little boys, and b) Charles Schulz's insight that a warm puppy is the definition of happiness.

I agree with Mr Schulz, except that the word "warm" is surplus - even a shivering puppy is better than anything else in the world, so long as you have the opportunity to cuddle it and return it to its natural warm, wiggly state.

So "happiness is a puppy" is my simplified dictum.

Mr Pickles goes a long way to explaining the dictum: those squat-pillar legs, terminating in paws that will take a year to grow into, are enough to melt the most ferrous of iron hearts.

 Anzac gets to know his adoptive home.


This is Nixie, sporting the softest thing known to science - a Spaniel puppy's tongue. 

Django is nine weeks into the rapid task of becoming a huge Bernese Mountain Dog.  Mystery writer Dorothy L Sayers once wrote of a character that he "had the appeal of a very young dog of a very large breed - a kind of amiable absurdity".

Given the choice between probing an open food cupboard and looking at you, Spencer chooses you.  

Blankets and toys everywhere - such is the floor of a house where a puppy resides. This is Zoe. 

Molly starts to get to grips with the scale of this world that she joined 10 weeks ago. 

Jake discovers the joys of digging and of dirt. Soon he will discover the horror of a bath.

Another pup on its first day home: Jessie can't stay awake for the excitement. 

Ashley's figuring out how to focus. 

Don't you love Bow's side-saddle sitting style? 

A mouse toy is a sensible size for Pekinese-Pug-cross Buster. 

Chico is part Papillon, part Chihuahua, part Shih Tzu, all cuteness. 

Macy sits with attitude. 

Stanley and Bob are a little young, yet, to be properly in focus. With age comes definition. 

Honey is the first pup rescued by the recently formed Auckland Puppy Rescue. Let's hope her new trial home turns out to be a forever home. 

Millie gets some leash training. 

Grievous is another puppy taking in the wonders of a new home. 

And here's another pup trying to grow into a weighty name - Hulk. Hulk is looking for a home, via Hamilton Animal Control. 

Harry needs a rub. 

Dolly's whiskers and fur seem out of proportion to her body.


Flynn's still learning how to sit. (It'll serve Flynn well to be so adorable and easy for humans to pick up - it's important that puppies get handled a lot, so they get used to it early and don't feel threatened by touch.)

The gorgeous profile of Odin. 

Addy the German Shepherd is still lap-sized - just - at 12 weeks old. 

Sprint is already spotting and eyeing. 

The sweater helps Mia break into the visual spectrum. 

Ruby gets into rhythmic gymnastics. 

Fergus the rough-coated Jack Russell, at just eight weeks old. 

Kiva, another Bernese Mountain Dog, is quite a size but still a pup. 

Alo's is a frequent face in Furry Fridays. 

Like a boy wearing his dad's gumboots: Barrett and his paws. 

Soft as dough: Pipa. 

Again, that side-saddle puppy-way-of-sitting. This beauty's name is Chelsea.

Shiva: serious but cute. 

Eight-week-old Toff gets to snuggle. How could you say no?  

Eva's a character. 

Meet Molly, a Fox Terrier/Jack Russell-cross. I'm told she's as intelligent as she looks. 

Mila is a nine-month-old standard Dachshund. Aren't black-and-tans (of any breed) magnificent?

The friendly face of Mac, at seven months of age. 

Finally in this bigger-than-usual Furry Friday, more black-and-tan beauty in the form of Lexus, or Lexi. 

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