Furry Friday: A day in the life

23:00, May 22 2014

You may think pets live simple lives - eating, sleeping, going to the toilet, playing, scratching, eating again, sleeping again... Okay, there's some truth in the "simple life" idea. But in their own minds, pets have full lives and full days.

Whatever a pet does, it does fully. It eats with concentration, stares with focus, scratches with 100 per cent muscular involvement, plays with fierce commitment, and sleeps with funnelled power. Every minute of the day, there's a job to do.

The day starts with a feed. Protein for energy is the best choice, and Logan has it covered. He's also getting his estimated daily allowance of calcium.

Rangi wants some more - or maybe just something tastier. A classic cat pose. (I need to comment on Rangi's tail, which is a work of art.)  


Next task: a good stretch and scratch. Belle's technique is superb. 

Occasionally - well, almost always - a stretch can segue into a sleep. But just a short one. 

Time to help with chores. Floyd supervises the gathering of laundry - spot the whirring tail. 

Max checks that nothing has been missed. He seems satisfied with your progress. 

Flash has work to do - some of us have real jobs, you know. 

Red Cat is an effective paperweight and general clerical assistant.  

Sylvester cracks on with important gardening tasks... 

... as does Pippi. 

Izzie is an ornamental feature. 

Chomper has groundskeeping responsibilities. 

Cocoa Pops takes the mandated smoko break. 

Pippa's duties are more supervisory in nature. 

Mischief takes time to study and comment upon the latest free-to-air offerings, and concludes that there's nothing on.   


Mac does some homework. 

It's been a tough morning. Piglet makes the decision to rest now and gather energy for the jobs that lie ahead. 

Wombat takes a moment to plan out the afternoon. 

Now it's the tiring duty of most pets to prepare for the daily homecoming. Bella begins sentry duty...  

... Sasha waits.

At last the exciting part of the day can begin - the part when pet and human get to play... (Loki)

... and dance ... (Morrison)

... and play ... (Peppy)

... and cuddle... (Indy)

... and play. (Stella) 

There might be a trip away from the house. (Nate) 

Even a hike to a sightseeing spot.  (Missy Moo)

Wellington does have some of the best scenery. (Oscar) 

The best is when you get to stay out till the sun goes down. (Jaz) 

There's always a price to pay - Winston undergoes a bath. 

Mia endures it, dogfully. 

Every pet should take time, every day, to be stunning. Like Loki here, or should that be Superloki. 

Milo practises hard to be amazing. He's doing well, but who stole his comb? 

Finally, our little life is rounded with a sleep. Alfie tucks himself in, looking forward to another demanding day tomorrow. 

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