Furry Friday: Blanket coverage

17:00, Jun 05 2014

If your pet could write you a thankyou note, I'm sure it would wish to express gratitude for certain human technological achievements. Among these would be obvious boons such as the tennis ball, the fireplace and the paddling pool. And not far down that list of things to be thankful for would, I'm certain, be the humble blanket.

Blankets, throws, duvets, doonas, quilts, comforters - whatever you call them, they're a class of miraculous objects that exclude cold, see off insecurity, and bring pleasure. In their weave they store warmth and, often, the scent of a loved one.

No wonder our pets become so attached to them.

Like the way Oscar is attached to that duvet, which forms an envelope of warmth around him.

Lucy tucks herself in. 


Sabastian is buried in an avalanche of soft furnishings. 

Molly is in fleecy heaven. 

Rocco says wha'? 

Emmie makes use of a traditional tartan blanket. 

Catty has a blanket of the electric kind. Try to take it, if you dare. 

Cully has been tucked in lovingly. 

Sleep tight, Jessie. 

Coffey enjoys the pillows and billows of the big bed. 

Roasted couch potatoes: Connor and Bailey. 

Smooch's sleeping blanket.  

Milo feels the benefit of layers. 

Bliss for Wiley. 

George is protected from the chill. 

Poppy dreams. 

Rusty luxuriates. 

Pigs in blankets: Percival and Portia. 

Jared just needs breathing space. 

Hamish has built a duvet-igloo. 

Cowled, not cold: Possum. 

Top of the line comfort for Tosca. 

Bundled up: Tigger.  

Koka is embedded. 

Bianca is ensconced. 

Roly goes undercover.

A snout, eye and paw known as Lulu. 

Biscuit wears the bedclothes. 

Stella is little in evidence. 

Rion has achieved almost blanket coverage. 

Finally, it's Koka again. She found this on the floor, pre-warmed, comfy and so classy. It was clearly made with cats in mind.

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