Furry Friday: Heart melters

It's Friday. You've been working hard and though you try to keep cheerful, it's not always easy. My suggestion is that you take that life-hardened heart and melt it a little.

Here's how. Stay here and scroll a while; gaze at some photos of real-life pets sent by real-life people.

It's simple - there are no complicated instructions or troubling ambiguities. It's distracting in the best way. It's therapeutic.

We call it Furry Friday, and it's been a regular part of this blog since it began five years ago this week. Today's collection is titled Heart Melters, for reasons too obvious to even mention.

Hank is today's cover-pet. If he seems endearingly wide-eyed, it's because this photo was taken on the day he first felt grass under his paws. Imagine that for a thrill!

Puppies have an inbuilt advantage in the heart-melting business, and so do fluffy dogs. Chester wins on both scores. 

Being gorgeous is a serious business for Baxter - whose nickname is Whiteshadow, due to his habit of following you everywhere. 

Meet Holly, another white shadow, I'll bet. 

This is Biscuit, who can look adorable even when nibbling a potato. Try it some time - you'll see how tough it is to pull off. 

Molly achieves critical mass in a nuclear cuteness reaction.

More fluffy charm, this time from Charlie. 

Milo has a pure heart and an eager smile. 

Little-boy eyes and an old-man face: Winston. 

Freya is an eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. Is that heart of yours melting yet? Read on... 

I haven't met Coco. But to me her face tells of loyalty and intelligence. 

Bentley vies for your attention with, well, whatever comes a poor second. 

Monte's happy to come along for a ride. 

Rosie has a paint-palette coat and stunning grey-green eyes. 

Ferrari takes a pitstop for fuel. 

Ruby is heading your way. Be ready with a cuddle. 

Dymka's working through a checklist. 

Sally, would you believe, is 19 years old. What's her secret? 

The superb Minny. 

Brock seems to be made of pillow. 

This is Loki, grubby but a tiny bit wiser. 

You just know that Fiz is making somebody very happy. 

Sprocket is a young Portuguese Water Dog. The breed's popularity got a lift from the Obama family's choice of one as First Pet.

Brax pays attention. 

Taylor, tied up in a bow. 

Beautiful in black and tan: Luca. 

Oscar chews, cutely. 

Another Oscar, no less cute.

Roko is so sweet, my teeth hurt to look at him. He's a long-haired Chihuahua.

Cloudy's selfie. 

A bagful of beauty: Lars. 

Totes gorgeous: Piper.

The magnificent Smudge, only slightly worse for wear due to catnip. 

Liquidising your heart, and lungs too: Petal. 

How is today's Furry Friday like Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep? It has three Oscars, badoom tish, thank you. This particular Oscar seems half-way into a dream.

Soulful, noseful: Boukje. 

A big old head that you just want to give a hug to: Rusty. 

Wise beauty: Stella. 

To finish, the piercing gaze of Digger, making everyone's day a little better. 

Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the thousands of photos that readers have posted by clicking the Photos link.