Furry Friday: A ray of light

This weekend will be the least light-filled of the year here in New Zealand. The sun's rays are already hitting us at such an unfashionable angle that nothing warms up as quickly or dries out as completely as we'd like; on top of that, the shortest, darkest day comes tomorrow.

Still, there are brief rays of light to be seen, slanting in windows and colouring the floor, and causing corners of couches to become niches of heat. In these blissful rhombuses of refuge, you will find pets.

Pets such as Puss in Boots, squeezing benefit out of the weak sun.

The shadow has edged over Colin's belly - time soon for a repositioning. 

Bella has found the bright spot. 

The tiniest ray will be sought out and colonised. This is Jessie. 

In Kate, bliss becomes flesh. 

Leo's quite a sight where light and shadow meet. The result is called chiaroscuro, and you will see a lot of it today, due to how a) it looks impressive, and b) the blogger doesn't have chiaroscuro-removal software. 

Young Luca is learning the strange ways of the wooden floor - those boards are noisy and slippery, but they can get nicely toasty too. 

Baxter prefers a sunny square of carpet. 

Koka has found the ideal place, foot traffic be damned. 

Bobby and Splinter re-enact a scene from Gone with the Wind. 

This is the late Mocha, who loved to lie belly-up whenever visitors called. Her owner says Mocha did eat two of her goldfish and stole a steak off the kitchen bench, but "her triangle nose will be forever in my heart". 

The expansiveness of Tommy. 

The easefulness of Nelson. 

The extendedness of Sophie. 

Chiaro and scuro: Ginger and Copter. 

Just enough room in that strip of sun for Miss Coal to warm her toes. She's a Labrador-Ridgeback cross. 

Tiny Oscar vanishes into the glare. 

Phoebe finds a wedge of sunlit floor as a cold snap pulls the temperatures down.

Three like-minded baskers: Toes, Echo and Amber. 

And another three: Toby, Nellie and Kisa. 

Sun-pals Tippy and Pixie (a 10-week-old house bunny). 

Couch-companions Fig, Sig and Pax. 

Ruby's salute to the sun. 

Out like a light: Loki. 

Dead to the world: Tiger. 

A ray of sunlight is excellent; if it's combined with a basket, all the better. Myrtle seems to be tolerating the pile of laundry so she can hold on to the cosiest spot.

Actually, freshly folded clean laundry in a sun-drenched basket can be luxurious, as Mike and Lars discover.

Finally, this is how to dominate a dining room: for Lady Penelope, winter sun is a flatteringly angled spotlight in which to show some leg. 

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