Furry Friday: Ladies a pet

01:00, Jul 04 2014

I asked followers of the Four Legs Good page on Facebook to send me photos of themselves or someone they know with their pets. As usual, more photos arrived than could be used in one go, so I've sorted them into a few themes that can be the basis of future Furry Fridays. Today's theme: women and their pets (or someone else's pet).

Now, I think pets are as important to men as they are to women. But I've noticed that women are much more likely to hold their pets close for the camera - to be seen and photographed cuddling their pets. Does that align with what you've seen?

There are whole books written about this - how photos of human-and-pet interactions are "gendered". It's a worthy subject, but a loose fit for me and this blog, especially on a Friday. So I'm going to skip over the erudition and go straight to the cuddles. (And never fear, a blog entry on "men and their pets" is in the works for next week!)

Our cover-cuddle is between Zeus and Madhu (to ward off confusion today, when both names are given, the pet's comes first!).

When you're posing with a pet, you often end up hiding behind it a little. Bella is front and centre (thanks for the picture, Sarcha). 


Leo and Lauren. 

Rokocoko with Joanna. 

Mika and Marie. 

A couch, a body, a blanket - Tinkerbell has all that's required. 

Molly is squeezable. 

Einstein and Julia. 

Floyd is Hayley's young Leonberger, so he won't stay lap-sized for long.  

Next is a special photo for reader Hayleigh, as it was the last one taken of her with Magoo, the cat she had grown up with. "We were best friends," says Hayleigh. "Our family got her when I was 12 and she passed away [of a throat tumour] just before I turned 25. It sounds silly, but one of my best moments with her was when she got to see me in my wedding dress because she refused to leave the room while I tried it on at my house!" 

Different cat and owner, different wedding day: Emily gets a hug. 

Tucked into that Cat Spot between shoulder and jaw: Miranda Purr. 

The much loved Cindy with her constant human companion Eszter. Cindy developed cancer at the age of nearly 17 years, and had to be let go just this past Monday. RIP Cindy.

Eula with Anna. 

Mac and Joanne take in some TV drama. 

Room for another: Thunder squeezes into Amy's hoodie. 

Room for yet another: Lucy and Bella with Annette. 

Murphy can't quite match Cris's smile. 

A kiss for Jess from owner Rebecca. 

Kitten with Beth. Kitten disappeared a year ago, much to Beth's sorrow. 

Mona checks out Emma. 

Simba and Sarah. 

Marlin and Vicki (left), Tigger and Nikki. 

Lucky occupies Wendy's Cat Spot. 

A lap hug for Marmaduke. 

Scruffy in Ayesha's Puppy Spot. 

Actually, any spot can be a Puppy Spot. Here's Cully, zonked from all the excitement of a first night in a new home with Clare. 

Kiva with Elspeth. 

Remy and Janette, with an extendable leash on the Cuddle setting. 

The late Cobber gets a kiss from Mel. That smiling boy on the right is named Casper. 

Hmm, maybe dogs are not quite as camera-ready as cats. It's hard to get them to hold a dignified pose, as proven by Toshi, who can't resist giving Marolyn a nuzzle.

Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the thousands of photos that readers have posted by clicking the Photos link.