27 men with their pets

22:06, Jul 10 2014

Today's pet photo lineup is another rare collection in which the pets' owners also star. And after last week's all-female edition, today it's the turn of Men Who Love Their Pets and Aren't Afraid To Show It. (Or Who Slept or Remained Unaware While Somebody Photographed Them Clandestinely.)

Selfies taken by guys holding their pets? Not so much; it doesn't seem to be a 'Thing'. Among the thousands of readers' pet photos that I've seen, hardly any have been male-plus-pet selfies. Maybe we could change this, and flood the internet with man-cat or man-dog selfies - feel free to take one and send it to me. Make it funny or artistic if you like - I'll make sure there's a prize! 

Anyway, back to Furry Friday. I think these men earn the title of Gentlemen. See what you think.

Ashley and Paige feel nowhere safer than in their dad Eddie's colourful arms. 

Bailey loves her dad. Or is it his aftershave? 


One man, one lap, three pets. Remington, Miles and Winchester make use of the ambulatory heating appliance alternatively known as a human. 

Monte and Elsie snuggle up with Caleb. 

Layla has a possessive look, so Kerry had better not want to go and do something else. 

Molly takes up some of Jonathon's shoulder space. Sweet, but the claw action looks painful. 

For Barrett, after the walk comes the cuddle with dad. 

Manny stakes a claim to torso territory. 

The laptop device on the right is named George. 

Some cats could fit into the crook of your arm. Griffin occupies a little more space than that, but right how he's super-contented in Dean's company.

Sophie is a babe in arms. 

Eddy positions himself to get maximum benefit from all that heat escaping through Jack's head. Can't let it go to waste, after all. 

It's Sunday afternoon. Enough said? This is Smack with Matt. 

Bazza loves his chew toy, John. 

Like Cleopatra on her barge: Cara. 

Good views from up here: Marley (left) and Molly climb to bloke height. 

A study in intense concentration: Tiberius and Mark head for their destination... 

...and cut a path through the cold, white stuff. 

Cody and Bella earn a smile and a treat from Link. 

Have you ever met one of those cats and dogs that hang around tourist areas for the cuddles and the snacks? This unnamed ginger beauty plies its seductive trade near Franz Josef Glacier, and doesn't even require that you stop reading your paper. 

Suss doesn't mind that her dad's attentions are divided, so long as the tickling continues.

Mila looks pretty smooch-worthy. 

Smudge gets cute with Rob. 

Happy company: Tilly with Mark. 

Frank's been in the wars, and needs some gentle treatment. 

Luna finds a crook of an arm to hide in. 

Finally, 17-year-old Max has had a lifetime of hugs, but he never gets tired of them. Mike is happy to oblige, any time. 

Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the thousands of photos that readers have posted by clicking the Photos link.