28 cute animals just lounging

The world is many things to a pet. A boundless playground; an endless party; a doorless toilet. But most of all, it's an immense collection of places in which to relax.

And relax they do. For being a pet is not about standing on ceremony or enduring inconvenience. It's about getting the maximum fun and comfort out of any given circumstances.

Take Trouble, for instance. For you, as a human, an ironing board is a venue for steamy toil, but for Trouble it's a place to recline while looking terrific. So long as the iron is turned off and cool.

Freddie throws a casual backward glance from the couch. 

Astro thinks life is too short to sit up straight. 

Allie believes that the commands "attention" and "at ease" can be fulfilled at the same time. 

This relaxed young lady is named Apple. A laptop, I can't help noticing.

Roko adopts the tickle-me pose. 

Mabel has just been dropped off at the babysitter's place, but it takes no time for her to claim the couch. 

Presley greets a passing scent. "Have we met?"

With the whole lounge floor available to stretch out on, Marlee chooses to squeeze on to a cushion... 

...and Mitten has the same idea.  

An effortless belly display by Mars. 

Rosie settles in a Rosie-shaped dent. 

Sophie Rhys Jones and Lucy Lawless have little reason to move anytime soon. 

Teabag and Watson assert their right to bear arms. (And a blogger is arrested by the pun police.) 

Tinkerbell is too young to realise that these drying-rack hammocks can be precarious. 

This is Molly, of whom her owner Kathy says "everywhere you went, there she was" - even when packing for a trip. Molly was hit by a car and lost her life three weeks ago.

Perhaps this is more semi-formal but terrific, rather than casual but terrific. Tiger's favourite resting place has always been this fine bowl, though she's getting a little big for it now.

It's Tinkerbell again, relaxing in a sunny spot that just happens to contain the dish rack. Note the (unintentional?) self-portrait by Tinkerbell's owner. 

You say Manny's distracting you from your work? What nonsense. You just need to concentrate. 

This kitchen comes with portable Maddie. 

Have you ever seen a more casual-but-terrific guy? And would you believe his name is Mate? 

Now for the casualwear section. Milly and Mia wear their winter pyjamas with commitment.

This is Milo, Shih Tzu of Steel.  

Next on the runway: Wilson. 

Eric handles the jersey. But for how long? (Hey, snap, my dog has the same sweater. He doesn't like it either.) 

Modelling is such hard work, insists Taylor. 

Far from casual, yet still worn with ease and flair. This is Axle, ready to play his role on a wedding day. 

Finally, the very definition of relaxed charm: Lulu. Why hurry and why worry? 

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