Furry Friday: A cat in your sink

If we didn't have our own human purposes for it, the sink could well be seen as an invention for cats.

Its dimensions are perfect from a cat's point of view: wide enough to fit into, deep enough to not fall out of, yet shallow enough to exit quickly.

The sink's location in the home is another cat-suited attribute. In the kitchen, a sink lets a cat keep an eye on its human and have early warning of any feeding opportunity. In the bathroom, the sink gives Puss a perfect view of the most puzzling yet entertaining activities its two-legged companions get up to.

The presence of a little water in the sink is another advantage. Cats do need to drink, after all.

Let's start today's survey of sink cats in the kitchen, where Sandy is in the centre of things.

Here's Mischief, drawing warmth from a sink from which the washing-up water has just been drained. 

Kitkat is obsessed with running water, like some other cats in today's collection. 

Marley is right there, where you need to run some water.

This is a slight digression, but have you heard of the Kitchen Triangle? It's a design principle that says an efficient kitchen layout needs to form an uninterrupted triangle between the fridge, the oven, and the sink. Well, whoever dreamed up the Kitchen Triangle forgot about cats. If you have a cat in your kitchen, there's no such thing as a straight line, hence there can be no "triangle". Every trip to the fridge, oven or sink is a cat-avoiding arc or S-bend. A Kitchen Corkscrew would be closer to the truth.

Back to the photos. Zali will take a sip when good and ready, so don't turn off the tap. Ever.

Meet Hennessy, the heart-healer. He was adopted as a kitten by loyal Four Legs Good reader Helena, who had lost her precious Coruba a few weeks earlier. You can't "replace" a pet that dies, but Hennessy is doing a good job of easing his owners' grief and adjustment, as well as making his own unique impact on their lives. Hennessy "loves water and will sit in the bath after you have used it and gets his fur all wet", says Helena. "He has already jumped into the bath three times knowing there is water in it. He will keep you company while you are showering or bathing by sitting on the edge of the bath or lying on the bathmat." We welcome Hennessy in what I hope is the first of many appearances on this blog.

Eddy approaches the water source from dry land but can't avoid getting just one of her feet wet. 

"Get here and turn the tap on," Myrtle seems to be saying. 

This is Gizmo. Only a cat can get away with this kind of blunt stare in a bathroom...


... though not everyone can keep up their interest. 

Sancho gives a happy tail-signal. 

Duff and Sigi discover the thing known as "water". Sadly, Duff, the tabby, is no longer with us. 

Daisy and Derby rehydrate.

Johnny finds it easier to drink direct from a human hand-bowl. 

Abby finds a tasty few drops. I've known cats who will ignore a bowl of water put in front of them and instead lap up droplets from a sink, bath or shower cubicle. Perhaps when you're a cat it feels more authentic and natural to hunt out your own water source.

Elle is another one who's fascinated by water.  

A further use for sinks, beyond being a Place To Get Water, is as Place To Sit. This is Finn. 

Luigi's just chilling. 

Mischief, who we saw above in the kitchen sink, is just as fond of the bathroom basin. 

This was the view that reader Zoe had while putting on her makeup in the morning - Little Rusty watching every move. RIP Rusty.

Bernard has grown a bit since the days when he lived in the bathroom and slept in the sink. For one thing, that cat-cave doesn't fit anymore. 

James is another who called the sink his bed. A comfy-looking one, too. 

You wouldn't think this sink had a very cat-friendly design. Coco begs to differ. 

Tiger's sink is sun-bathed. 

Blog regular Pugsley reclines in style. 

Riot is just as at home in the bathroom as all those bottles of fragrant stuff. 

Noodle makes use of the Noodle-sized indentation that someone thoughtfully provided. 

You need to wash your hands? Leo doesn't necessarily think so. 

This is Bobby. Owner Tash says Bobby "loves playing in the bathtub/sink (as long as there's no water!). I originally was fostering her, but she's just that special I had to keep her." 

Meet Minxie, of the Cleopatra-like eyes. 

A sink can just be a Place To Look Gorgeous. Here's Milla, whose coat would put the most sparkling porcelain to shame. 

Finally there's Minou, blowing us all a kiss. Anyone would think she knew how adorable she looks. 

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