35 adorable garden pets

23:26, Aug 07 2014

Check your flowerbed. Monitor your vege patch. Scrutinise your shrubbery. For something unusual may be sprouting there: a garden pet.

They sprout at will, these garden pets. They'll turn up anywhere, especially where a little privacy is to be had or a slant of winter sunlight heats the ground.

They may turn up where you don't really want them, and they may leave a bodily imprint or a clawed inscription behind. But you could hardly call them pests - they're just too endearing.

The first in today's collection of garden pets is Zorro. I wonder if he earned his name through his clawsmanship.

The sweet-faced, much loved but recently departed Devaki. 


Lola's nearly lost in the grass. 

Vader looms in the greenery. RIP Vader. 

Leo seeks camouflage. 

Hamlet and Wiley feel cheated. They hid behind that tuft of grass, yet you can still see them? 

Ginger in the wild: Rusty. 

Bella pauses during a bit of garden play. 

Basil's sheltered place in the sun. 

Floyd finds a fine natural pillow. 

Marvie's elevated observation deck. 

Phoebe patrols the fenceline. Halt, who went there?

Nalin has found a tabby background. 

Greebo refuses to answer any dandelion questions. 

Bella hangs out with her friends, the veges. 

That dead tree was lying in the garden. Hence, Mjolnir hid in it. How could a cat do otherwise? 

Nelly thought this shady corner would be free of paparazzi. 

Lui loves to accompany his chief of staff, Ruth, around the garden. Ruth says Lui "scratches all the trees and sometimes attempts to climb this one but usually only makes it halfway". I'll bet Lui still feels like a hero, though. 

Walter's lost in a dream. Why couldn't mum have named him Tarzan? Oh well, "Walter of the jungle" it'll have to be.


Ever seems to be keeping an ancient secret.

Maggie makes her sure-footed way back to a more comfy place. 

Paddington is sure he heard, smelled or saw something. When they're out in the garden and coping with a rush of sensory information, can cats even distinguish between their various senses?  

Holly wishes they'd get a mowing contractor in. 

Missy Moo does a creditable impression of a potato. 

Izzie could add ornamental value to any garden. 

Does a puppy count as "hard landscaping"? Tiberius is anything but hard. 

Moxie adopts a thoughtful, rustic pose.  

Splendour in the grass: Harry. When he took up his new home, Harry was thought to be fully grown, as shown in this photo. Little did his owners realise that this Norwegian Forest Cat-cross would expand into a 9kg-plus monster! 

More splendour: Rangi. Check out those massive Maine Coon paws.

Sasha and Freya think they're part of the orderly garden layout. 

Your garden is watching you: Neo.

Finally, who knew that dogs grew on trees? That's Scarlett flowering from the shrub, and Nelly (seen earlier) standing by.  

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