Furry Friday: 34 cute cats stare us down

Cats' eyes are remarkable. We all know how sharp they are, and we know how they can instantly change settings to suit how light or dark it is. And we know how beautiful they are, whether brightly or subtly coloured, staring back at you as they do, with affection and without shame.

Today's collection of readers' pet photos narrows its gaze to study the miracle that is a pair of cats' eyes - or just one on its own.

First, a cheer for some people who are working for cats and their owners in special circumstances: Red Zone Cats. This is a group that finds stray cats in Christchurch's quake-shattered red zone, carefully catches them, checks their health and vaccinates them, then seeks new homes for them. I urge you to check out their site, help if you can, and adopt if you can.

This week's cover-cat is a looker named Luka. 

Murdoch's eyes are snow beacons. 

With eyes the colour of Christmas tinsel, Hugo and Phoebe. 

We're just playing, say Scud and Butters, learning slowly how to share space on a big bed. 

Todd wears his "whoa!" expression. 

Tommy hatches a plan.

Manny and Tinkerbell are indoors, wishing to be outdoors. Though, if you open a door or window for them, they might just need to rethink. 

Morticia sees all, narrowly. 

Isis just watched part of an episode of American Horror Story. 

With eyes that are still learning to see: James. More of James later...

With eyes that have seen 18 years' worth of the world: Tiger. 

"You made that shirt for me?" Roger is sentimentally grateful. 

Maddie sees you only too well. She know what you did. Now fix it.

Possum's playful. 

Henry's stern. 

Jasper's attentive. 

Tigger's a tiny bit hissy. 

The last sliver of Zeus' eyes, like the last of the sun on the horizon. Soon, zzzz.

Look at Luigi's eyes: don't those pupils seem to get even bigger?


More cheeky gleam, this time from Charlie. His owner Shannon says: "I only had Charlie for a few months before he strayed and got hit by a car, but it was enough to fall in love with the little guy. RIP Charlie, you were a lovely cat."

Little James grew into a bronze-eyed hunk. 

Maia has frisbee-eyes. 

Milly could stop you in your tracks, like a traffic light. 

Sapphire and steel at the same time: Harry. 

The beautiful Puzzle. 

A big, soft gaze from Meww Meww. 

Scottish Folds speak their own ear-language, but their eyes are easy to follow. This is Squeak.

Giles used to be a feral kitten, but now he's a house cat. 

Molly takes a drink while checking the horizon.  

Finally, a little eye symphony from William and Emme. They like each other, really. 

Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the thousands of photos that readers have posted by clicking the Photos link.