Furry Friday: 39 pets appreciating landscaping

23:40, Aug 21 2014

If you're lucky enough to possess a backyard, or a front yard, then, possibly without knowing it, you have hard landscaping. That's the term for the rocks, bricks, planks and posts that populate the outdoor part of your property.

The chief beneficiaries of this landscaping are not your family or your neighbours, but your pets. They love to sit, or lie, in judgment on your design taste, materials and workmanship.

Take Walter. He approves of the general functionality of this fence but feels that comfort has been sacrificed.

Koka seems satisfied with the view.  


Twinkletoes takes up that classic over-the-back-fence pose. 

The grass grows greener on the other side from Rocky. Or should that be "more greenly"? 

Concrete steps that not only catch the sun but feature commendably broad treads - just what Arthur and Gwen are looking for. You may yourself wish to actually use the steps but that is beside the point. 

There's the ball - what are you waiting for? China is getting impatient. 

Tessie would enhance any garden layout. 

The deck is north-facing. Zorbi rises in the east. 

Those decking planks certainly catch and store the sun's heat. Which makes this a perfect spot for Spot. 

A ginger expanse named Winston. 

Monarchs of the backyard: Maddie Moo and Murphy Brown.

Murphy waits to welcome any visitors to the bird feeder. But for some reason, nobody's coming. 

Rosco needs some softness between him and the hard landscaping. 

Ivory takes some shade. 

Silently, Chief and the neighbour's cat lock eyes. Cue some spaghetti western music... 

Bosley does his little thing on the catwalk. 

Fingal's in his cave, Ruby feels the bricks' heat. 

Every garden should have a cat gym, and a cat as fine as Milla. 

Gryphon places a lot of trust in a few nails. 

Shabby is chic, Missy Moo decides. 

This is Shekina. 

Eighteen-year-old Minka is usually an indoors girl. But on a bright winter's day she loves to sniff the outdoor scents. 

A water feature is an exploration feature for Indy and Diesel. 

Noomi and Milla seek refreshment. 

Ollie admires the modern art, but not too closely. 

With small adjustment, Vanilla's enclosure becomes a day-bed for Cuddles. Cats are so resourceful. 

Sisters Ginger and Jett are 17, going on 18. With age comes wisdom and the right to gold-card garden access.

A pot of Rosie. 

A tub of strawberries and Deutz. 

A bucket of basil, spring onions and Roxy. 

A bowlful of Minnie. 

A smudgy shrub named Casper. 

Finally, Miss Kona has viewed your garden design and pronounced it adequate. Now there remains the matter of you yourself... 

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