Furry Friday: Time to smile

Do you feel a need to smile? If so, you have a reason.

This is the middle of it all, of winter and the year. Today is as distant from the last summer holiday as from the next. You know how a week has a hump day in the middle? Well, today, July 1, is the hump day (more or less) of the whole year. It'll be nice to get over it.

So to help you clear that hump, I thought I'd do a Furry Friday that's purely to make you smile. Not necessarily to crack up, just to smile - at a pet being silly, or sweet, or just typical.

Let's start with Enzo, trying to get the upper hand.

Kiva's another youngster, but on a different size scale. She's giving you what I call "tickle-eye".

Surely Bonnie and Hootie, between then, are worth a smile?

This next pic will come like a sucker-punch of cuteness: Tinks the pet lamb.

In there among the soft furnishings is the face of Spanky.

Hey Nero, thumbsucking is a bad habit.

Nobody sleeps as dramatically as Benji.

For Meowmeow, the basin is a place of camouflage.

Gingers don't get more magnificent than Toby.

Bongo improvised a hammock. The mechanics of it don't seem reliable to me...

Rusty was born to be wild. He's one happy Vizsla.

They grow up so fast ... young Skye tries to snuggle like it's three months ago.

When you're bigger than the lap you're sitting on, it's time to rethink. This is Gravel, a gorgeous Blue Heeler.

Your ergonomic exercise adviser is Sockies.

A classic cat pose from Miranda. I approve of the wine glass - every work space should have one.

Petunia wants to go with you. What a carry-on!

Cora was hiding at the back of the linen shelf, but she seems pleased to be found.

Here's Hoover, playing demolition derby.

Kiwi is quite the retail connoisseur.

What a disappointment for a cat - veges! Toffee is disgusted.

Lucy has discovered the pleasure of being rocked (gently) in this washing basket. She wants more!

Curious little Mack is going to walk away with a yucky nose.

From the top of the kitchen cupboards, all is visible. There, Jinx rules.

Taco is captured in the end bit of a pounce.

This photo deserves a smile and an aww. Cam had to wear the dreaded bucket but did it with grace.

Aloysius is a trouper. He'll do anything for a game and a good photo.

A sight I know well: an upright Dachshund. It's a brilliant attention-getting tactic. Weirdly, when I look at this photo of the beautiful Sadie, I can't help imagining that at any moment she's going to start Irish dancing...

Rosie's humans went away for a holiday. When they returned, this is how she greeted them.

One last reason to smile as we clear the hump of 2016: Paxton. He thinks grinners are winners.

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