Can't we get along?

Last updated 08:00 20/08/2010

One of the most cheering things you can see is two animals getting on. Especially if they're of different species - because it means they may be overcoming their inbred fear/hostility/prey drive in order to be peaceful with each other. Here's a collection of readers' pet photos that show moments of cross-species friendship.

First up, Martin the kitten plays with Ella the American bulldog-cross pup. Thanks for the photo, Ruby.

Martin and Ella

More inter-species larking here, as Miss Piggy and Sebastian enjoy a joke.

Miss Piggy and Sebastian

Peace reigns at bedtime, I've found, as pets start to make use of each other as cushions or hotties. These two are Roger the dachshund and Rupert the long-haired tabby.

Roger and Rupert

Next, Miss Rosie treats Master Toffee as a handy colour-coordinated mattress.

Miss Rosie and Master Toffee

Here's a "wow" photo: Griffy loves to look after chickens, such as little Lemon. And the chickens like to snuggle up to the big gentle dog, says owner Wendy.


Remember Molly the spaniel from last week's Furry Friday? Here she is with her rabbit friend George.

Molly and George

Dachshund-cross Piper shares a house with several lizards, including Didge.

Piper and Didge

It's been a constant battle for bed space since Gus the puppy joined the household of long-established cat Romeo. Says owner Miriam, "Gus loves Romeo but if he washes the cat's ears or bum one more time, he will get a swipe!"

Romeo and Guss

Here are my own pets Connor the wire-haired miniature dachshund and Merrick the tabby. Their relationship is tetchy at times, with Merrick reluctant to join Connor's games. But, again, peace reigns at bedtime, and it's always Connor who cuddles up with Merrick rather than vice versa.

Connor and Merrick

Getting the same idea are Ruby and Tigger, making the most of a patch of sun on a cold winter day.

Ruby and Tigger

Here are two guys who are making slow moves towards friendship: Willow the five-month-old bluepoint Birman and Rene the four-year-old Briard. Opposites attract, I hope.

Willow and Rene

Finally, Billie and Lexie make for an almost perfect fit. It looks as though these two will be friends for years to come.

Billie and Lexie

Thanks to everyone who shared a photo. Feel free to email us your photos or leave them on our companion Facebook page.

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Blaze and Molly's Mum   #1   08:18 am Aug 20 2010

Cute!!! My Ginger cat hienz at my parents and my mums poodle pippa love each other. I just wish it was the same at my house. While Molly wants to be friends with the cats so bad (they will tollerate her if she is asleep but the moment she is awake thay take off)Blaze on the other hand likes to create mischeif and chase Zak our boy cat, Izzy or little girl cat hates Blaze and will chase him (Funniest thing to see ever)i hoped they would learn to get on but its been 2 years so i don't think its going to happen

Claire #1   #2   08:34 am Aug 20 2010

This is an awesome collection of photos!!!

Sass   #3   09:00 am Aug 20 2010

I LOVE those pics!

Jem   #4   09:01 am Aug 20 2010

Piper and Didge are my babies and I have so many more of my 'zoo' all hanging out. The funny thing is that out of all my pets, it's the 2 dogs who will not snuggle under any circumstances!

Cat Lover   #5   09:07 am Aug 20 2010

These Friday pictures always make me happy :)

I LOVE Ruby and Tigger - that's one big cat!!!

The owners of the workshop next to our home had a little foxy called Minnie, which was incidently the same name as our tabby cat. Minnie the dog used to sleep in the front seat of their ute, which was a bit of a sun trap. Our neighbours told us that because the window was also left open for some fresh air, our cat Minnie would climb in and cuddle up with Minnie the dog - so gutted I was always at work during the day and missed it!!

wow   #6   09:09 am Aug 20 2010

@ Jen #4

What sort of lizard is Didge? He's awesome!!!

n   #7   09:22 am Aug 20 2010

awwww these photos make me all sniffy :)

Si   #8   09:40 am Aug 20 2010

Here is a good video of getting along. *glomp glomp glomp*

Jacqui Wilde   #9   09:48 am Aug 20 2010

Cute photos, but they make me sad. We have a new pup (black/chocolate lab) in the house and we have two beautiful 6 year old cats. Since pup arrived two months ago our boy cat has got the huff and only comes inside for food and to sleep at night when the puppy is crated. Our other female cat has the rule of the dog, and has terrorised her so much that pup will not enter our bedroom if the cat is there, or go any where near her for the fear of getting whacked. I just wonder how we can get our miffed boy cat back into the house before he finds another family to adopt! The pup is almost 5 months old and is obviously not an aggressive dog and is exceedingly frightened of "the black devil cats".

Rachel   #10   09:49 am Aug 20 2010

I just love the Friday pics, they make my day! Wish my two cats would cuddle up together but unless I'm in the middle, they don't want to know about each other!

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