We sleep here too

Do your pets sleep on the bed? Your bed? Some people don't allow it. Some dog theorists say you mustn't let a dog on your bed because it's your territory and the dog needs the boundary else it won't see you as the pack leader and...well, zzzz.

Cleanliness is more of an issue for a lot of people. But if you think your bed is a place of crisp purity that a pet will spoil, then don't think about the fauna, the skin cells and other effluvia that inhabit the average human bed.

Me, I've grown not to mind. The cat sleeps on our bed often, and the dogs get to hop on as a treat every week or so, even sleeping there on the odd freezing night. The joy of sharing the bed on weekend mornings with two dogs and a cat is worth the theoretical compromise in hygiene, if you ask me.

Now let's get down to Furry Friday, which is on this very theme: cats and dogs that treat their owners' bed as theirs too.

Coverdog is McKenzie, the sweet little terrier you may have seen on earlier Furry Fridays.

Reader Claire's fluffy Trevor was caught in the act of settling down for a morning nap.

Smudge was trekking across the comforter when he just, well, collapsed. Weariness comes over you like that sometimes, doesn't it?

Pretty Mia has that look, I know it well: "I know I'm not meant to be here on this high-thread-count manchester, but please don't make me get down."

At full stretch in the sun, alongside yesterday's trackies, is Zeus. Thanks for the photo, Lisa.

Next, a couple of handsome gingers: on the left is Leo; on the right is Tyson. Tyson is a senior cat, around 12, but owner Corinne says he's become 10 times more affectionate in his mature years than when he was young, and a lot more vocal. "He just meows at all hours of the day and night just to say hello," says Corinne. "Gotta love him for his character, but gheesh, I'm sure it's worse than having a newborn in the house."

Now a little shot of Carter, cosily tucked in.

Another sun-baked bedspread, and this time it's two pets making the bed their home: Ruby and Tigger. Thanks for the photo, Marcia. My dog Connor and cat Merrick take on exactly the same pose, with Connor resting his chin on the cat's warm furry side. It never works the other way round.

This atmosphere here is a lot cooler: Safari and Sega seem to be sharing the space under sufferance. I wonder how long the coexistence lasted - going by Sega's expression, I'd say not many more minutes after this photo was taken.

Lily is one of those cats that love to "help" with the making of the bed. My experience is that cats are especially good at getting themselves inside the corner tuck of a fitted sheet.

This is Bobby. I wonder if he's like my dogs, who try to jump on to the bed as soon as it's been vacated but before the human body heat has gone.

Reader Katy sent this picture of her Burmese, Chou Chou. The cat is allergic to fleas and had licked the fur off her own belly. Fleas? Um.

Out like a light: Corona. This boy, now two years old, is one of two SPCA adoptees sharing their lives with readers Holly and Brendan.

Out for the count: Rufus.

Finally, reader Sarah sent this picture of her soft-coated little dog enjoying the sun, warmth and cotton comfort.

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