Sleeping cute

A lot of the photos that readers of this blog send me are of pets sleeping. Two reasons for that are, first, that it's easier to get a nicely framed, focused shot when your pet is still, and, second, that pets look, well, incredibly cute when they're sleeping or sleepy.

A third reason is the odd sleeping positions pets get into.

My dog Connor sleeps cute in several ways - it's as though he has practised in front of a mirror to make sure he strikes only the most endearing poses before he shuts his eyes. My favourite is the basic one-his side foetal position, when he's in a figure C with tiny feet tucked in and almost touching his nose. Often, an ear has flopped over his eye as a handy blind.

Connor's also a chin-rester - not all dogs are. He'll hop on the couch or on a lap and, with a dramatic puff of breath, drop his chin hard on whatever's there - couch arm, cushion, knee, foot, head...

Phoebe is more a back sleeper, starfishing across a cushion with each paw pointing to a different point of the compass.

Merrick, being a cat with a cat's unnerving flexibility, has a huge repertoire of ways to sleep cute. The more twisted or precarious his pose, the louder his snore becomes.

Well, it's hardly big news, or a pressing issue, or even perhaps a worthy subject for a blog post. But the way our pets sleep is just one of those small joys that raise the happiness quotient of the world by a point or two.

So to give you a smile in the middle of hump-day, enjoy some views of pets sleeping cute.

First up, Toodles almost becomes part of the couch.

Jessica's sizable cat Nacho is a laid-back character.

Lola is about to drop off, in a position of ridiculous cuteness.

Sven is a couch potato, just.

Bubbles performs an impression of a paper clip.

While Darwin looks more like a manila folder.

A warm room, a secure home, a favourite toy: Bobbie has every reason to sleep like nobody's watching.

This is Rust and, yes, Rust does sleep.

The classic back-of-couch pose with optional dangling limbs, here demonstrated by Truffles...who'd like to be left alone, please.

That's the trouble with polished wood floors - your paws slip out from under you and it's too much trouble to scramble up again. This is Meg the Bernese mountain dog pup.

No, it's not a high-end keyboard cover - this is Creamy, fully concentrated on taking a nap.

A basket was in the way, but it didn't stop Mini from stretching out.

Alfie is out cold.

Finally, Tatunius excutes a face-plant to keep the pesky light out. RIP Tatunius, and thanks for the photo, Rhiannon.

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