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Last updated 12:16 04/05/2011

A lot of the photos that readers of this blog send me are of pets sleeping. Two reasons for that are, first, that it's easier to get a nicely framed, focused shot when your pet is still, and, second, that pets look, well, incredibly cute when they're sleeping or sleepy.

A third reason is the odd sleeping positions pets get into.

My dog Connor sleeps cute in several ways - it's as though he has practised in front of a mirror to make sure he strikes only the most endearing poses before he shuts his eyes. My favourite is the basic one-his side foetal position, when he's in a figure C with tiny feet tucked in and almost touching his nose. Often, an ear has flopped over his eye as a handy blind.

Connor's also a chin-rester - not all dogs are. He'll hop on the couch or on a lap and, with a dramatic puff of breath, drop his chin hard on whatever's there - couch arm, cushion, knee, foot, head...

Phoebe is more a back sleeper, starfishing across a cushion with each paw pointing to a different point of the compass.

Merrick, being a cat with a cat's unnerving flexibility, has a huge repertoire of ways to sleep cute. The more twisted or precarious his pose, the louder his snore becomes.

Well, it's hardly big news, or a pressing issue, or even perhaps a worthy subject for a blog post. But the way our pets sleep is just one of those small joys that raise the happiness quotient of the world by a point or two.

So to give you a smile in the middle of hump-day, enjoy some views of pets sleeping cute.

First up, Toodles almost becomes part of the couch.


Jessica's sizable cat Nacho is a laid-back character.


Lola is about to drop off, in a position of ridiculous cuteness.


Sven is a couch potato, just.


Bubbles performs an impression of a paper clip.


While Darwin looks more like a manila folder.


A warm room, a secure home, a favourite toy: Bobbie has every reason to sleep like nobody's watching.


This is Rust and, yes, Rust does sleep.


The classic back-of-couch pose with optional dangling limbs, here demonstrated by Truffles...who'd like to be left alone, please.


That's the trouble with polished wood floors - your paws slip out from under you and it's too much trouble to scramble up again. This is Meg the Bernese mountain dog pup.


No, it's not a high-end keyboard cover - this is Creamy, fully concentrated on taking a nap.


A basket was in the way, but it didn't stop Mini from stretching out.


Alfie is out cold.


Finally, Tatunius excutes a face-plant to keep the pesky light out. RIP Tatunius, and thanks for the photo, Rhiannon.


Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the 1100-plus photos that readers have posted.

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Stephanie   #1   12:33 pm May 04 2011

Awwwwwww so cute! And so hilarious! I laughed out loud at Bobbie (partly the dog's position, and partly the caption). Love Truffles' indignant look, it's awesome how they manage to get across their message! Rust's position is favoured by my kitten.

MJ   #2   12:39 pm May 04 2011

Thanks Nick! Just what I needed to cheer up a dreary mid week day :D

MER   #3   12:41 pm May 04 2011

I love the pic of of my (late) cats used to sleep like this with the face planted firmly in the carpet, chair, bed or whatever she found to sleep on...It looked so odd and I have never seen another cat sleep anything like it until now. Got to love Nacho and Alfie looks like he is in another world!!!

1 dog 2 cats   #4   12:51 pm May 04 2011

Yay! Furry Wednesday - just what I needed. Only problem is now I want to curl up and go to sleep too.

Faye   #5   01:04 pm May 04 2011

Not a single one that didn't make me smile! All adorable, all well loved and happy - what more could you want?

Thanks to everyone who shares photos of their babies - love them all!

kater   #6   01:20 pm May 04 2011

Hehe, the face plant has long been one of my fav cat sleeping positions. How do they breath???

Missy   #7   01:24 pm May 04 2011

Thankyou you have really made my day with all the cute sleeping pets. Nothing cuter than when my cat and dog are both asleep on our bed. They will never touch but they are often only inches apart.

Faye   #8   01:30 pm May 04 2011

Mer, my cat Shelby sleeps like this often - I'll post a photo on the FB page to show you.

Annah   #9   01:30 pm May 04 2011

Awww I totally needed this little pick me up!!

Murphy was a faceplanter. The rest of our cats just curl up. Unless by the fire, in which case it is required that you stretch out to soak up maximum heat. Except for Jack, he lies on his back most of the time, paws curled and legs outstretched. But its not an exclusive sleeping position, more of "I'm too fat & lazy to stand" position.

Angie   #10   01:35 pm May 04 2011

My cat does the same as Tatunius. I call it the hedgehog sleeping. She looks like she is going to do a somersault

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