Miracles with paws

Someone once said that dogs are "miracles with paws". Today's Furry Friday features 23 such miracles, doing dog-stuff and showing why their human companions love them.

Our coverdog is Dillinja, taking a joyous roll in the grass. Great photo, Melissa.

This magnificent lady is Sadie. Owner Alison says, "There aint nothing like cuddling up to this big bear of a dog, she makes a great substitute for slippers in the winter too!"

Almost at the other end of the size scale is reader Colleen's perky Papillon Heidi. Colleen has three of the breed, and she says they're "cheeky but love bundles".

The irresistible ears and sweet face of Flash. Thanks for the picture, Reece.

Oden the venerable English Bull Terrier has his winter coat on.

Sacha's out exploring among the wild daisies.

King of the garden: Moby. Love those black-and-tans.

Monarchs of the back yard: Kylie's dogs Tax and Suki.

Here's Sammie, beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.

Next up is 12-year-old Patchy. She was in a boarding kennel when her owner died, so reader Elissa took her on as a foster dog initially but now has officially registered Patchy in her name. "She is slightly deaf and going blind, but she still loves her walks.  Patchy took herself for a walk at 3am the day after I adopted her and was picked up by the pound, about 2km from my house. Yesterday she chewed through my car seat belt.  It's a good thing Patchy has such a sweet face - I could never be angry with her."

Two small miracles with paws and cute faces are Frankie, left, and Martini.

The amazing face "furniture" belongs to Lola. My scruffy-faced dog Connor often looks at me the same way, a little side-on and down his nose. Someone told me it's dominance, but everything seems to be, these days.

Quizzical faces: on the left is a picture of Brussels Griffon brothers Mac and Duff, and on the right is Maui.

A friendly pile of dog: black boy Jett with his best mate Polly.

Sleeping cute: Lucky, left, and Rocky.

This is Buddy, six-month-old Huntaway, chilling out after a game of tug-of-war. Wonderful photo, Karen.

And the day's final miracle is Millie, using those splendid paws to hold on to the scratching hand. Every dog owner knows those blissed-out expressions. Thanks for the photos, Andie.

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