Cats, dogs in shock winter ceasefire

20:00, Jun 16 2011

In the news today, the mild spring appears to be over and temperatures are diving. Weathermen are advising all to "batten down the hatches", even those of us with neither hatch nor batten nor knowledge of either. However, reports are also coming in of instances of weather-related cat-on-dog tolerance - even spikes of affection in exposed districts.

It is believed that cats and dogs have agreed a seasonal ceasefire in their usual hostilities. Reliable sources have sent photos as evidence...

Here are Juno the year-old Doberman and Max the young cat, adopted from the SPCA. The two are great mates - poor Max was savaged by other cats in the place he came from, so it's good to see he now has a big, loving protector. Thanks for the photo, Matt.

Next, another ginger/black-and-tan friendship: Ned seems to be sharing gossip with his rottie pal Rock - but in fact it's a daily grooming ritual the two insist on.


Reader Kayla sent us this picture of her gentle pets Fender and Ruby cuddling up. Fender's soft, creased face is a small uplifting miracle...

Six-month-old kitten Johnny Cash tucks himself in to Katie's obliging tummy. Reader Dione adopted corgi-cross Katie from Dogwatch, the Christchurch charitable group that rescues and rehomes condemned pound dogs.

It's there in black and white - cats and dogs can get along, especially when the dog has a friendly nature and a furnace of a belly. These friends are little Marley and Dalmatian Penny. RIP Penny, and thanks for the picture, Katie.

This bed is just big enough for Rustie and Toadie, so long as a small impingement on personal space is tolerated.

The charmingly scruffy face here belongs to Soda, who's playing nurse with 11-year-old Ming the cat. Poor old Ming had just had a leg amputated.

I took this photo the other day when my tabby Merrick was baking in a pool of winter sun. As soon as I got the camera out, Connor sprang on to the couch and made Merrick his pillow. Clearly, Connor likes the spotlight as much as the sunlight.

This regal-looking cat is Dansa, here performing pillow duty for Zaphod.

Shaggy Daisy and tortoiseshell Lila keep each other warm.

Amid the tangle of legs and paws, you might notice that Mistletoe the cat has more toes than normal - it's called being polydactyl. Mistletoe's close friend is Echo the whippet. Thanks for the great photo, Julz.

Greyhound plus cat often equals don't-go-there. But former racer Bonnie doesn't mind being close to Hootie the cat. Reader Melissa adopted Bonnie from Greyhounds as Pets.

Julia sent this picture of her three pets not-quite-cuddling - but that point can't be far off.

I've been waiting so long to use this next photo that the, uh, Post-It note fell off. I can't tell you the pets' names. So if you recognise your cat and dogs, leave a comment and let us know about them!

Left: One step away from actual cross-species cuddling are Molly the fox terrier and Lincoln the heat-seeking cat. Right: Trixie the cat has a protector in Bonnie the bullmastiff.

You'd hardly notice a passenger as tiny as Stella the kitten - and Lily the golden retriever seems happy to bear the small burden.

Finally, meet inseparable friends Rocco the border terrier and tiny Louie. Lovely photo, Jean. Now we all have to go and mop up our melted hearts...

Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the 1200-plus photos that readers have posted.

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