Still more pets in the snow

Last updated 13:43 16/08/2011

Let's have one more crop of pet photos from the big snow of 2011. It was the first experience of snow for thousands of pets, and many of them might never see the cold, strange-sounding, tasty, joyful, scary, annoying stuff again.

Some had consecutive days and three or four falls (so far) in which to become experts in snow. Others are still waiting for a dry place to poo.

Among the ones who found snow to be a joy was Alvin.


Jasper (left) and Marla were tentative but not terrified.



Busher (left) and Jessie took it on the chin.



Jack got his stiff, dainty, careful snowlegs.


Lewis had nowhere to hide.


Pepper was easy to spot, too.


Jasper found that the snow unleashed his inner puppy.

Jasper leaps

And Dixie had a chance to christen her Swanndri.


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heyhey   #1   02:27 pm Aug 16 2011

my cat (in wgtn) was too much of a wimp to go outside (and the snow had gone!) so he pooed in the bathroom. Lazy bugger

Eleanorjane   #2   02:43 pm Aug 16 2011

Cute! I love the pic of Jasper jumping around in the snow.

In Auckland I don't think our cat noticed that the hail was a bit fluffier than usual - she's been stuck inside next to the heater pretty much constantly.

Jacks mum   #3   03:04 pm Aug 16 2011

Jack now safely defrosting next to the fire :)

candytuff   #4   03:39 pm Aug 16 2011

Oh Jack seems to walk the same as our Brian. I have dubbed it the snow ministry of silly walks. Brian did however go out this time compared to last month when he was petrified. He has discovered digging and is pleased to find this reveals the garden he knows and loves.

lorraine   #5   03:40 pm Aug 16 2011

heyhey#1 - mine did exactly that too! In the bath! (Wellington)

Rubberband   #6   04:26 pm Aug 16 2011

My two Lab-X were rather nonplussed with the snow yesterday. I took them outside for a photo op which didn't impress them at all. Tyler (11 yr old) squinted in the photo cos snowflakes were flying into her eyes, Finn (5 yr old) had no idea what was going on so trundled back to the doorstep and sat there until I let her back inside. This morning was a different story because the sun was out and there was snow on the ground instead of in the air. So both of them had the biggest "puppy fit", tearing around with big smiles on their faces! Made my day.

dogs rule   #7   04:46 pm Aug 16 2011

that's two nights in a row i've woken up to "presents" on the carpet! what can you do, though? I would never lock them outside. Little buggers!

Faye   #8   04:51 pm Aug 16 2011

I love the photo of Jack - so cute! Two of mine didn't like it at all and the third skirted all the way around the garden on the melted bits this morning. Every time the sheep walked and the snow crunched, she got a fright!

r   #9   08:12 pm Aug 16 2011

My Great Dane old lady really doesn't like it - she hates getting her feet dirty and/or wet - but I have made her go to toilet out there like it or not. We spent today reacting to what sounded like large parcels or footsteps on the front porch, which apparently are snow-drifts melting from the roof and landing on the porch or down the side of the house. If your dogs are barking, that might be a reason (I was very puzzled for half the day).

JoJoJoJo   #10   08:23 am Aug 17 2011

my two cats have refused to go out in this weather - reckon they've been pretty much stuck in the house for the last three days and now they're starting to get cabin fever and getting snotty with each other, and even pooing on the bathroom floor! ah well. We tried to take the cats outside on Sunday when we had snow - one of them went straight back into the house while the other went mental, running around the car then raced her way back into the house

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