Still more pets in the snow

01:43, Aug 16 2011

Let's have one more crop of pet photos from the big snow of 2011. It was the first experience of snow for thousands of pets, and many of them might never see the cold, strange-sounding, tasty, joyful, scary, annoying stuff again.

Some had consecutive days and three or four falls (so far) in which to become experts in snow. Others are still waiting for a dry place to poo.

Among the ones who found snow to be a joy was Alvin.

Jasper (left) and Marla were tentative but not terrified.


Busher (left) and Jessie took it on the chin.

Jack got his stiff, dainty, careful snowlegs.

Lewis had nowhere to hide.

Pepper was easy to spot, too.

Jasper found that the snow unleashed his inner puppy.

And Dixie had a chance to christen her Swanndri.

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