Two cats plus ball of string

Last updated 14:37 17/10/2011

I have a boyhood memory of walking into our living room and seeing that, while the family were out, our two kittens had played the classic ball-of-wool game. The kittens had belted the unravelling ball back and forth across the room, snagging on chair and table legs, and creating an intricate room-size cat's cradle.

Cats plus ball of string or wool - it's like puppies chasing their tails: such a cliche, it's almost surprising when it actually happens in real life. But it did the other day, in a spectacular way, at and near the home of Four Legs Good reader Lenny.

Lenny has two tabbies, Troy and Hektor. They are pictured just below; which of the two do you pick as the culprit for the feat that took place that day? (Or maybe they did it as a team?)

Here's what happened. Lenny came home from work the other day to find the unusual catch on the floor near the back door.

Troy Hektor
Not a mouse, rat or bird, but a ball of string, mostly unravelled.

Most "finds" presented by cats cannot be traced reliably to their source. But this one could be tracked. Lenny not only followed the string to its origin, but photographed his progress.

The string went out the cat door, across a pathway, over to the next-door neignbours' property, and under the deck they've been building.

"My neighbour was confused when I knocked on his door and said 'Hi, I'm just returning your ball of string,'" says Lenny.  "I showed him the photos and we both had a good laugh."

Here are the photos:

String 1
  The ball of string on Lenny's floor.
String 2
  The trail leads through the cat door...
String 3
  ...across the garden...
String 4
  ...and under the neighbour's house.

You've probably got your own stories of spectacular feats (often leading to spectacular mess) by a pet. Feel free to share a comment, if so. But as Lenny found, it's always worth getting a photographic record before telling the story. You could get it featured in a blog, for one thing...

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Annah   #1   03:03 pm Oct 17 2011

Pure awesomeness. I think the culprit was the one on the right, he looks pretty pleased with himself.

Angel   #2   03:04 pm Oct 17 2011

My boy Teddy (RIP) once found a roll of thread. I'm guessing originally he was just pushing it around as it rolled well, but eventually he managed to spread it around the living room, kitchen, and even eat the end of it. Not realising it was dangerous to do so, i ended up pulling a good two meters worth out of him, but it didn't harm him :) the thread was so thin, it had tangled and pulling it and balling it wouldn't work so i had to cut it from around different things. It took me a couple of weeks to actually get rid of all of the thread from all of the different places

Eleanorjane   #3   03:12 pm Oct 17 2011

Our cat had a magnetic cat door so she had a magnet attached to her collar. She used to bring us miscellaneous bits of metal including nails, chunks of rust and on a couple of occasions we found her walking about dragging a teaspoon off her collar!

Ian B   #4   03:25 pm Oct 17 2011

So nice to see both cats are wearing bells... jolly good, the NZ wildlife appreciate it!

FDO   #5   03:27 pm Oct 17 2011

Fantastic story and photographic evidence, once of the funniest! Cat on the left has butter wouldn't melt look - always suspicious in a cat. Cat on the right has a definite knowing look. Could definitely have been either, I reckon! Fantastic.

Daphne   #6   03:28 pm Oct 17 2011

I think the guilty one is the one on the right too. The one on the left has a, "It's not me, honest!" look on his face.

AR   #7   03:41 pm Oct 17 2011

Eleanorjane #3 Our cast does too. There is the usual bits of rusty stuff, nails, bolts etc, and once an old key. It's funniest though when he gets to close to the fridge and sticks to it for a second.

Bridget   #8   03:45 pm Oct 17 2011

My cat once came home with a string of raw sausages hanging down either side of his mouth. I never did find out which neighbour he pinched those from. I think the cat on the left is the "guilty" one. The one on the right looks too cool to lower himself to playing with string.

Lenny   #9   04:07 pm Oct 17 2011

I think, even though he looks innocent enough, it was probably Troy (the one on the left) - he brings in flax bush leaves too. @AR #7 - similar thing happens when Troy and Hektor get too close: their door magnets stick together. :)

KB   #10   04:12 pm Oct 17 2011

Eleanorjane/ AR, our cats do that too! We get all sorts, probably the two funniest were one cat coming inside with a nail that long it was dragging on the ground (and causing her a few problems with walking!). And the cat sleeping by the fire who got too close to the poker thingy and ended up half way across the lounge with the poker thing still attached!

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