Let us respect whiskers

Last updated 07:50 18/11/2011

In the middle of Movember, let's pay our respects to whiskers. And sideburns, and eyebrows - all the bits that furnish the faces of the furrier of our furry companions. (Whew - I was getting trapped in an alliteration spiral.)

And "furnishings" is the word dog breeders give to those hairy features. This stunning picture of coverdog Digby shows a well-furnished face.


Max's whiskers have seen a lot of action.


Reader Adele sent this photo of her dog, whose face is amazingly characterful. I'm loving the plume of fur on top of the snout, though it probably messes with the dog's view.

Adele's dog

Dramatically windblown is Penny.


Airedales' coats are made up of tight curls that are less coarse than they look. Here, MacVitie lopes around the open spaces of Waiheke Island. Longhaired Rosie sports a mane of fur and whiskers.



Little-child eyes gazing out from old-man faces: Pixie is on the left, none too happy about the jacket; Missy, on the right, seems just as keen to get rid of her cast.



Panda is proudly hairy.


Mimi is finely feathered.


Baz has just been groomed but his face has been left in all its whiskered glory. He probably feels better for the haircut, but he'll be itching to get outside and roll in something rotten to take away that perfume...


...which is what McKenzie has just done, courtesy of a horsepat. And doesn't she look ecstatic?


This thickly forested face belongs to stunning tortoiseshell Possum. Thanks for the photo, Carline.


Rough-coated but sweet-natured: miniature Schnauzer Daisy loves cuddles and car rides; puppy Barney turns hearts into puddles of heart-juice.



The only thing massive about Goliath is his name.


Here's a face full of puppy-fluff: Vapor is just starting out.


These flowing locks belong to Angel. As with Goliath above, the name is slightly ironic because Angel does have a temper on her, says owner Sue.


Meet Sarsha, who like any whiskered individual has had to develop a careful method for eating ice cream: she delicately licks away all the ice cream before starting on the cone.


The word "luxuriant" was invented for miraculous sights such as Frankie's coat.


Not unkempt, just a bit lived in: the underside of Mr Bingley.

Mr Bingley

And finally, bright-eyed and bushy-cheeked: the fuzzy visage of border terrier Bella.


Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the 2000 photos that readers have posted.

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Sharon   #1   08:28 am Nov 18 2011

Gorgeous!! I just love them all. McKenzie cracks me up - just soooo chuffed to be filthy and stinky. Frankie is amazing - such perfect symmetry in every way.

lizt   #2   08:37 am Nov 18 2011

McKenzie's the one for me too - I have a Friday dog (well sometimes Thursday) and am frequently forced to deliver a reeking green and white instead of black and white Border Collie back to her owner. Of course that's the good thing about being a part time dog walker - the washing gets done by someone else :)

Sam   #3   08:42 am Nov 18 2011

Every single animal here is absolutely beautiful!! Barney is one of my favourites, look at that face! Thanks Nick!

Missy's aunt   #4   08:55 am Nov 18 2011

Missy has her cast off now and is happier than ever, not that she let it slow her down for a minute! Think she took it as a challenge to get it as dirty as possible, cheeky thing. Love the pics, thanks!!

lorraine   #5   08:58 am Nov 18 2011

Naww - too hard to pick a favourite today - all too cute. Great alliteration Nick , but 'fhew', you did manage to stop in time.

Keri   #6   09:13 am Nov 18 2011

Awww - little Missy (so cute). As for rolling in stinky stuff, my little fox terrier is a shocker for that. We've had squashed maggots (from an ageing rabbit carcase she found in the park - yay) to fish guts (I swear it was bubbling - blechk). The smell stays around for ages and she will insist in smearing the offending substance on her neck so it gets into her collar. I still love her though, cause she's cute and lovely!

Eleanorjane   #7   09:36 am Nov 18 2011

Lovely animals with very cute whiskery faces. 'Heart juice', though?! :)

lolcat   #8   09:40 am Nov 18 2011

nawwww... I want Frankie, that cat is just georgeous!! Now I've read the furry friday I am ready for my day :)

Furry Friend   #9   09:42 am Nov 18 2011

Woof!! Its perfume people! I love to roll in the fresh cow or sheep treats that they leave in the feild, putting the lovely aroma around my neck and into my collar. Thats what the human ladies do. My perfume my human calls "eu de shite" Woof!

Sue   #10   09:43 am Nov 18 2011

My Bella made Furry Friday! Yay! I'm such a proud mum!

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