Tinsel Tuesday: Pets v Christmas

Last updated 11:41 06/12/2011

Yesterday we talked about how to avoid having your pet munch on pine needles or glass ornaments or otherwise come to harm during the Christmas season. The post prompted a lot of you to send in your "pets at Christmas" photos, so I thought, let's have an extra picture post this week. As well as Furry Friday, let's have Tinsel Tuesday, just this once. Or maybe next Tuesday too.

Joy to the world, remove this hat. The grand tradition of putting a Santa hat on the pet is continued by Daisy. Funny how, in a lot of today's photos, the pet looks as though this Christmas thing may be a foe rather than a friend.


Snoopy seems to be saying "Don't you put that hat on me".


Completely unposed: Smooch takes a nap under the tree, upstaging all that fine wrapping paper.


Sofi has the same idea, sussing out that package containing uncle's soft new T-shirt. Every photo collection on Four Legs Good has its sad aspect: Sofi recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14 and is much missed.


Another sad note is that the Handsome Hansel went missing last year in Wellington. Owner Alannah hopes he found a good new home.


Jerry checks out the view shaft from behind the tree. "Move this particular ornament up a bit."


Tequila would love to make a game of all those ornaments but is much too well-behaved, at least while the photographer is watching.


Tigga is the centre of all attention.


Paget (left) inspires a swirly tinsel arrangement. Meanwhile, Diamond displays a Christmas bow.



Ho, hum, ho: Brina, Emma and Sammie have varying amounts of seasonal spirit. Those hats again...

Brina, Emma Sammie

Amba (left) wants to be woken at New Year. Gemma is a few seconds away from bending that bauble like Beckham.



William is another who likes the baubles of office. He has left his claw and chew marks on quite a few.


Forgive me, at the last moment before posting this blog I gave in to overwhelming temptation and gently stuffed Connor into a Santa hat. Slightly cruel and very exploitive, but he thought it was a game. Then he actually snoozed in his pompommed sleeping bag.

Connor in Santa hat

Again, more hum than ho as Goldie submits to the hat. Dads Kevin (left) and Bevan are a bit more festive about it. Great photo, guys!

Kevin Goldie Bevan

The tree was begging to be explored and conquered, so Ron and Harry (look carefully) undertook the expedition.

Ron and Harry

Some pictures don't need captions. The onlooking cat's name is Archie.


Finally, Beaker thought it was time to show that tree who was boss. Cats 1, Christmas nil.


Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the 2000 photos that readers have posted.

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Thalia   #1   11:50 am Dec 06 2011

I have already decided my cat will win christmas v cat and have preempted the disaster by avoiding a tree.

I will buy her a new teaser toy for christmas though and maybe some batteries for the laser pointer.

Anita   #2   11:56 am Dec 06 2011

Thanks for the lovely photos. This is my 1st christmas without my baby, who was a cat, after 18 years together, and its been hard to not feel like a big part of putting up the tree and having him playing with the decorations and tinsel is missing. These photos made me laugh as it made me remember all the silly things we used to do at christmas together. Atleast I have a 3 year old daughter this year to grab the decorations off the tree, so the tree falling over tradition is still intact.

Jess   #3   12:08 pm Dec 06 2011

Our biggest concern is the hundreds of neighboring kitties coming in and spraying the tree. We're pretty much an open home at the moment, but might have to draw the line there. Also, our 4 cats have a bigger present budget than our human family.

Kazza   #4   12:09 pm Dec 06 2011

Awesome pics! Especially Smooch, she's beautiful! Christmas 2009 was the first Christmas for our cats, Tarzan and Ella. We had a fake tree and they had a ball helping me put it up and climbing in it. They didn't knock it over though (although they were only a few months old and probably not heavy enough to win cat(s) v tree). They did knock off plenty of decorations which they batted all around the house. Last year we didn't have a tree cos we were having Christmas elsewhere. This year we'll be getting a real one, they are 2 years old now and I'm hoping they're mature enough not to try and climb the tree but time will tell I suppose.

jadie   #5   12:21 pm Dec 06 2011

Great photos. Last night I spied my Calico Kitty using our tree as a place to hide while stalking my other cat. No bauble injuries as yet.

vicki   #6   12:42 pm Dec 06 2011

Haha, I love these photos. Some of them even gave me LOL moments! Love Smooch, William, Goldie (& his Dads), and Ron & Harry - yes,I spotted them both. Brina, Emma & Sammi are gorgeous. Archie - priceless!

H   #7   12:52 pm Dec 06 2011

I'm glad you gave in to temptation Nick, LOVE that pic of Connor!

LF   #8   12:54 pm Dec 06 2011

That pic of Connor is fricken cute! I wonder if Sanchez would let me do that to him...

n   #9   01:01 pm Dec 06 2011

Love those pics!

Sharon   #10   01:08 pm Dec 06 2011

They're all beautiful but having a soft spot for "senior" cats, my favourite today would have to be Sofi - RIP Sofi. Connor looks very snug in his hat. I wondered what you were on about with Ron and Harry - had to look really hard to spot the beautiful blue eyes in the background. The last two pics made me laugh. That's how I imagine any tree of mine would look. Somehow I don't think I'll be submitting any pics of Alfie and Sammy and a christmas tree.

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