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Last updated 08:00 20/04/2012

This week I've picked some readers' pet photos that have one thing in common: there's something special in the pet's eyes. Or eye. They're photos where the eyes tell a story.

Josie's eyes are a window into her good heart. She just wants to sleep most of the day (the Greyhound way), stretch her legs every now and then, and have her human companions close by.


Bidding to be the biggest eyes in today's lineup are those of Wallace. Since this kitten photo, Wallace has grown into a fine-looking long-haired tabby with a huge tail.


Gracie the Maine Coon has eyes that follow you round the room.


Here are the dazzling eye stylings of Zaria the Siberian Husky.


Digby the Griffon has a bit of a wayward eye.


Two who are doing fine, thank you, with half the standard number of eyes: Smokey (left) and Charlie. Smokey was a feral rescue two years ago, and has been through eyelid surgery and feline herpes among other things - but is doing great. Charlie is a Yorkie/Foxy cross.



Thomas the tom cat has the look of someone who shouldn't be messed with. Tinkerbell, on the other hand, is all gentleness.



More rivals for Wallace in the Biggest Eyes category are Fitz and Jetty, a basin full of cute.

Fitz and Jetty

A set of traffic lights that are forever amber: Flash, Zorro and Li'l Fluff.

Flash Zorro and Lil Fluff

As guardian of the Furry Friday photos, I assure you I see a lot of examples of red-eye. And blue-eye, and green-eye. They're lovely, often, but, well, I usually can't use them. Still, here are a couple of dramatic examples of the genre, starting with Buddy.


And another spooky one, with Oli at the room's highest point.


Ears, eyes and tongue are fully deployed by puppy Jaimee. Meanwhile, here's another finalist in the Big Eyes race, Violet, a Tonkinese who stays as close as possible to mum Judi, including settling under her chair when she's working.



Sid has a pair of Labrador eyes that could hide nothing.


These are the eyes of the late Smudge, a Border Collie who departed about four years ago at the age of 16. Smudge's owner, Dave, says Smudge had a good life and boasted one extra-special trait. "She was the only dog we have had that would, I kid you not, attract cats. We would be out for a walk and cats would come running from people's yards to see her and often have a rub around her legs. Quite often we would be stop/go walking as cats would be appearing at almost every house we passed! She was so patient with them, never once barking or snapping at them." RIP Smudge.


The keen Kelpie eyes of Kita. Kelpies are stunning looking animals, with reds and tans and browns in their coats that change according to the light and just seem to highlight their extraordinary faces. On the subject, I can recommend the movie Red Dog as a great watch for dog lovers - like an Ealing comedy set in Australia.


If you ever have a German Shepherd pup, take lots of pictures, as that fluffy charm is so quickly outgrown. Gunner here was seven weeks old when this picture was taken; he's now huge. Theodore, meanwhile, will never be huge but the eyes and that harlequin face ensures that he'll have a big impact.



This picture of Lola looking over the top of her specs reminds me precisely of the crusty news editor in my first newspaper job - the angle of his specs indicated what degree of fury he had reached and the relative likelihood of his tearing you a new one. On the right is Jasper, the happy heir to Labrador, Poodle and Wheaten Terrier genes.



Kitten eyes are hard to keep open: that's Crush on the left and Fuzz on the right.



This photo of a startled cat has been in the Furry Friday archives so long that I've lost track of the cat's name. But those eyes are scary-huge. The gold-eyed beauty on the right is Zeb.

Nervous cat


Meet Coco, a Devon Rex also known as Yoda for her wrinkly forehead, thoughtful demeanour, and mastery of the Force. "Cage open."


The squinty good-keen-bloke style of Sky. He's having the best day.


Finally, are there any more beautiful eyes than those of a Golden Retriever bearing good wishes? I don't know if Audrey is apologising for something, but if she is, she's surely forgiven.


Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the 2000 photos that readers have posted by clicking the Photos link.

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AJ   #1   08:17 am Apr 20 2012

I want Wallace - so cute !

LoriM   #2   08:20 am Apr 20 2012

Jaimee is my fav today - but they are all sooo cute!

HM   #3   08:31 am Apr 20 2012

Love fridays always a good morning when this is one of the first things you see! This week im in love with the all but special loves to Josie, Sid and Smudge to name a few!

mchaggis   #4   08:34 am Apr 20 2012

Thank you Nick and pet people. A very beautiful "eyeful" this Furry Friday, to be sure. As usual, I couldn't possibly pick a fave. Some great pics.

Re Smudge the border collie. Our dear old late border collie Elvis, was the same with cats. Very tolerant of our own felines, as well as those he met along the way during our many walks over the years.

As with Smudge, when we were out and about, a few cats would come up and greet Elvis, with no aggression from either animal, just a friendly interest. He'd never chase rabbits either. In fact I'm sure Elvis' motto was, live and let live. Could have also been Smudge's philosophy as well from the sounds of it. RIP sweet Smudge and darling boy Elvis. xx

Anna   #5   08:34 am Apr 20 2012

Love Furry Fridays!! A great way to start my day!!

Ladybug   #6   08:38 am Apr 20 2012

The wee Devon Rex in the run is named Coco rather than Koka. Though Koka does sound rather more exotic! Her sister who has featured before is called Bella (a very noisy Bengal. Aside from being called Yoda, she was also called Popcorn Kitty for a while because she always smelled vaguely like popcorn when she was a kitten. Was quite odd! These pictures today are fabulous! I love Jasper and Audrey's expressions. Happy Friday everyone (Coco and Bella's Mum's daughter...human sister?)

Nick Barnett   #7   08:42 am Apr 20 2012

Apologies Ladybug, I obviously got Coco confused with another cat in the photo collection. Fixed now, it is.

AR   #8   08:51 am Apr 20 2012

"Thomas the tom cat has the look of someone who shouldn't be messed with"

Yey! My lovely Thomas is in here but he's not a tom cat. He is also the sweetest most gentle old boy. He was a stray that adopted me then had to put up with me adopting a small dog, then a couple of years later moving towns to move in with my now husband and his two big dogs. He is such a laid back cuddly cat and has just taken it all in his stride.

I almost commented on your post yesterday about him as he is now getting pretty old (not sure of exact age as he's a stray), he also has a few cancer spots on his white ears and nose. I hate to think of losing him as he is such a wonderful cat, so I hope he has at least another few years in him.

Rae Hughes   #9   08:51 am Apr 20 2012

Of course I have to vote for "Jaimee" as she is mine :). But I also love the triple combo of Flash/Z/Lil Fluff - a whole lot of attitude there!

Tarryne   #10   09:12 am Apr 20 2012

I will never understand people who believe that animals dont have souls. How could you argue with eyes that show depth and feeling and real spirit.

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