Well-matched pairs - and a chance to win

Last updated 08:00 11/05/2012

A couple of weeks ago I posted photos of pet pairs where there's a big disparity in size. This time I'm still celebrating pet pairings, but of the more evenly matched kind. Because you could argue (and I do) that when it comes to pets, the best number is two.

And this time there's extra reason for you to leave a comment: you could win a prize. Sky TV is promoting the start of its Animal Planet series Dogs 101 (on Monday, May 14, at 9.30pm) and kindly came up with a stack of dog-related items to be distributed among Four Legs Good readers - and not just one winner, but 15.

Just leave a comment naming your favourite pet pair or pairs from today's collection, and you'll go into a random prize draw. Five commenters will win a pack including a pet water bottle, a collapsible water bowl, and an Animal Planet mousepad. Ten commenters will win a bowl and a mousepad. That's pretty good chances of winning, don't you think?

I'll also tot up the votes and announce our most-liked pair of pets.

Let's start with the sharp profiles of adopted Greyhounds Sam (left) and Sparkie, watching some gulls farther down the beach.

Sam and Sparkie

Sharp profiles of the feline kind: Paris and Mister are together, yet alone.

Paris and Mister

Meet, again, the excitable pair of Tappet and Grommet. Actually they're two-thirds of a trio of scruffy-faced dogs, with Sprocket out of the picture for the moment.

Tappet and Grommet

Less excitable but still chair-occupying are their ladyships Vesper and Pico.

Vesper and Pico

The tan magnificence of Connor and Presley.

Connor and Presley

Daisy and Lulu are sun-lovers.

Daisy and Lulu

Here's a spring-and-autumn friendship between old Geno and young Spider.

Spider and Geno

This is one of my favourite dog action photos: Abbey and Sadie belting through the grass, crazy-joyous with excitement. Great picture, Jenna.

Abbey and Sadie

Unrushed and elegant: Jessie (at the back) and Baxter.

Jessie and Baxter

Bob and Millie are doing the windscreen-wiper thing with their wagging tails.

Bob and Millie

Blog regulars Alfie and Sammy would quite like that window to be open just a bit wider. Not that they necessarily would leap out, it's just that cats love to have the choice.

Alfie and Sammy

These pups are just getting to know each other, but history shows that they became the best of mates. Stella is an Amstaf/Dogo cross, and Argo is of Beardie and Huntaway extraction.

Stella and Argo

Brewster the silver tabby wasn't too pleased when Bronson moved in on his spot on the couch. Both cats are British shorthaired.

Brewster and Bronson

Dyna the Bullmastiff/Ridgeback cross has a chin-pillow in the form of Shar the Rottweiler/Huntaway. RIP Dyna, sadly.

Dyna and Shar

Two cats defy the laws of the universe by occupying the same space at the same time. Cefa (left) was in the basket by herself when Kitty arrived and couldn't wait for a vacancy, so crowded in on her.

Cefa and Kitty

Despite the colour disparity, these two cats are brothers - Ron and Wolf. Those are very sleepy-smoochy expressions.

Ron and Wolf

An instant of poise is caught by the camera, before the game starts. Wilson and Kate look as though they're playing the same game my dogs play together - a mix of Greco-Roman wrestling, Modern Pentathlon, and morris dancing.

Wilson and Katie

The same game on a smaller scale: Dasch and Chester.

Dasch and Chester

Finally, another great dog-action shot: Jessie (front) and Smudge the Border Collies are deep into a game of ball-throw. Smudge was an alert, full-of-life 16 years old when this photo was taken. Thanks for the picture, Dave.

Jessie and Smudge

Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the 2000 photos that readers have posted by clicking the Photos link.

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nik   #1   08:03 am May 11 2012

Jessie and smudge are my faves. super cute!

Lisa H   #2   08:04 am May 11 2012

Paris and Mister for sure. Gorgeous! Closely followed by Sam and Sparky though - great photo!

Charlies Mum   #3   08:06 am May 11 2012

Another super cute furry friday! We love Brewster and Bronson, the look on Brewsters face, priceless! looks just like when Charlies human Dad trys to hop into his dog bed :)

Kate   #4   08:06 am May 11 2012

Loving Abbie & Sadie.. this reminds me most of my own 2 chasing each other. Nothing quite like seeing dogs out and about enjoying the long grass in the sunshine - surely this has to be the habitat they love the most :)

Jay   #5   08:11 am May 11 2012

Daisy and Lulu surely have to take the cake! Nothing cuter than two look alikes. Although being a true 'blue' cat person, I can't go past Brewster and Bronson, the chubby faces of British shorthairs are gorgeous!

luvfurryfriday   #6   08:13 am May 11 2012

Thank you for another hardwarming rendition of Furry Friday. Daisy & Lulu are adorable and love the expressions on Brewster & Bronsons little faces. Now I've had my fix, it's on with the day....

kazz   #7   08:18 am May 11 2012

I love Sam and Sparkies picture. Awesome.

Trace   #8   08:20 am May 11 2012

My fav is Jessie and Baxter...are they maine coon cats? Me want one

Owned by animals   #9   08:23 am May 11 2012

Love Sammie and Alfie mine cats are the same. Take choice away life is not good for me. Give them options life is peaceful. lol They are all gorgeous pets

LoriM   #10   08:24 am May 11 2012

Its a hard one today, so many awesome shots to choose from. Just as I thought Abbey and Sadie were going to be the winners, I spotted Bob and Millie and for a moment thought it was my fur-babies, but then, the winner came out of no-where and Wilson and Kate playing totally melted my heart! Yet another great collection, thanks Nick.

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