Peaceful, pausing pets

Last updated 08:00 10/08/2012

This week's photo collection is about the peaceful pause - that moment just after sleep, when your pet takes a quiet breath before making perhaps the biggest decision it will face that day: get up, or lie back down.

Sometimes the peaceful pause happens when someone with a camera comes close, looking for an easy shot. The result: a glimpse of liquid, curious, patient eyes that can't wait to close again. At which point, take the picture, quick.

Today's peaceful, pausing cover-cat is Izzie the Bengal kitten with a liking for fresh sheets.


Hurry up and get that photo taken, thinks Casper.


These gentle eyes belong to Jimmy.


A life of race-running lies in the past for Snowball, who now takes things a lot more slowly.


The classic tired-dog pose from Summer. My dog Connor is a chin-rester - shoes, laps, shoulders, you name it - and once the chin is parked it's as though he won't move it. Hence some amusingly crazy eye-rolling and ear-perking as he tries to follow what's going on in the room.


A sideways look from the late Lucy.


For a cat, the world is full of potential sleeping places. Griff bagses the shopping bag, and Wallace scores the camp chair.



Clover the English Cocker Spaniel is as lovely-natured as she looks.


Lulu flashes a do-not-disturb look.


The couch is emphatically taken - by a fine Maine Coon named Truffles.


Ever nodded off at the office? Wells (short for Wellesley) is prone to it.


Alfie channels the spirit of family members.


Cushions? Blankets? They're for softies. Oscar is happy on any surface.


Otto guards the boots...


...and babysits a lonely slipper. There's a joke to be made about "pooh" - let's pretend it was a good one, and move on.

Otto 2

Another footwear lover is Milly.


The magnificent Cloud, with the tiniest hint of a part-open eye.


The obligatory Four Legs Good "photo of pet with remote control" - Puma seems to have taken charge of it. Seriously, someone should start a Tumblr devoted to cats-with-remote-controls, if they haven't already.


Oedipus has grabbed the soft, sunny place - but will he keep still if the car moves off?


Annie takes a peaceful pause in the baby carriage (which baby was not in, at the time).


The fireplace must be warm but without any pesky embers, as Fluff found it to be a comfortable bolthole.

Bernadette's cat

Finally, you can only keep your eyes open so long: Simba's peaceful pause has just morphed into soulful snooze.


Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. While you're there, browse through the 2000 photos that readers have posted by clicking the Photos link.

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OedipusMum   #1   08:17 am Aug 10 2012

So many lovely pictures but I have to say I'm a bit partial to the photo of Oedipus. He has this opinion that the car is his and he only allows me to drive it.

Alice   #2   08:29 am Aug 10 2012

So beautiful!! Thank you again Nick.

Cee   #3   08:40 am Aug 10 2012

OMG Izzie is the cutest!

Aaron   #4   08:49 am Aug 10 2012

These are all great photos. We have many photos of our Sam and Lila mid nod off. Sam often drifts off on 'his' computer chair, with his head falling off the side. Sadly, our beautiful wee girl Lila got run over 2 weeks ago. We were worried that it may happen, given that we are on a busy road. But she was a brave and adventurous girl, that while she loved us, she would never have been happy cooped up inside all day. Her passing hurt our family immeasurably, despite only having had her with us for 3 1/2 months. For a small cat she made a huge impact!

CatMad   #5   08:50 am Aug 10 2012

It never ceases to amaze me a feline's ability to find some wicked places to sleep. I love Griff - one of my three has a bit of an affinity for bags as well.

But I really think Fluff takes the cake this week - that is a sneaky spot for a very furry purry!

mchaggis   #6   09:01 am Aug 10 2012

A cool, calm Furry Friday to finish the week. Something so peaceful and relaxing about pets in rest mood. They are all so gorgeous. Love 'em all as usual.

Looking at this little lot today, is it any wonder pet ownership is recommended for our good health?

mchaggis   #7   09:08 am Aug 10 2012

Aaron #4 Condolences re your beautiful Lila's passing. It's very sad and hard when we lose a loved pet. Your dear Lila seemed as though she was a free spirit in this world and your love and care allowed her to be exactly that while she was with you.

RIP Lila.

Chrissi   #8   09:17 am Aug 10 2012

The chin down thing works across species as well. Our cat will resort to it if she thinks there's a hint we might try to move her. Once the chin goes down, you feel guilty if you have to move them.

This week Fluff is definitely in a good spot, but I pity the owner who has to brush all the ash out of that long fur. Speaking of, does anyone else have a cat who takes over the brush? Our Possum won't let you brush the rest of her if she can keep you on her jawline with it.

Sonia   #9   09:29 am Aug 10 2012

Just want to give Clover a big hug - what a sweetie. Our papillons choose to "blanket surf" which is just what it sounds like: find a blanket or t-shirt, build and shape and then surf it! Thanks for the warm fuzzy-feeling-Friday!

michele   #10   09:53 am Aug 10 2012

Wonderful shots again thanks. RIP beautiful Lucy.

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