Wet enough for you?

Is anything a more powerful influence on a pet's behaviour than water? Well, yes, there's food. And company - and probably threat. So three things. But water and its dowdier cousin, muck, are surely potent mood swingers, capable of shifting an animal's spirit from dignity to pathos, from joy to misery or from boredom to euphoria, as today's photos show.

We start in a minor key, with scenes of sodden sadness. First up: our unhappy cover-cat, Fuzz.

Wetness has made a lie of Fluff's name.

Superb feline body language here - Carli is not happy.

Misty can only lick patiently at those clotted tufts, and stay in a warm room till that fine coat is restored.

Two views of the photo-shy Ace, who lately encountered a drain.

Diesel (left) and Gutz try to recover calmly from rain-horror.

The last sad, saturated cat in today's collection is Aki, who was caught in the Auckland rain. Meanwhile, Pukana the lorikeet is fresh from the shower, looking like a painter's palette.

We now move to a sub-collection that could be titled You're Not Coming Inside Like That. First model: Maebe, fresh from a beach run.

Lochie and Maggie loved their play, but now dream vainly of the warm living-room carpet.

Labrador Lucy and her Retriever friend have reached the extremes of bedragglement.

Jazz is staying the other side of the bars, known as the grubby zone. RIP Jazz.

Baths ahead: Reader Claire sent this photo of her little dog, pointing out that "it's not mud". Meanwhile, Hope the Border Collie pup got to know the feeling (and taste) of sand on her first visit to the beach.

Sooty is soaked. I wonder if Sooty is one of those dogs that love being towelled? It certainly makes life easier than if your dog is towel-averse.

Merlin (left) and Morgan have gained tide-lines.

Errol's not sad - he loves the rain. It's just that his mum dared to call his attention, stealing valuable seconds off his puddle rampage.

Lucky gets mucky. Owner Manda says, "This disgustingly muddy, stinky stream in a mangrove swamp is like Beagle catnip." On the right, Wally is kept at arm's length after his swim in Lake Taupo.

The next sub-collection is titled When Water Means Misery. Let's start with Odin, who thinks bathtime is over, surely, please?

Echo the whippet would rather not lather.

Percy the Italian Greyhound hates water in all its forms, at all temperatures.

Mila tolerates the wash witth stoicism, but that tail gives away her feelings. Don't dogs hate soap? It must be full of smells that do battle with all their earthy instincts.

First washes: Luka, left, and Gunner. Luckily, everything else about being a puppy is a doddle.

Soaked, but making the best of it, is Rusty.

Here are two portraits of Murphy Brown. First, during her first bathtime, which didn't seem to thrill her, and second, a lot more grown up and cheerful, after a swim. If soap is involved, water stops being fun.

Ah but some love the tub. Here's Cookie.

Indy takes the waters.

We're past the woes of water and into its wonders now. Jed (left) and Zac could hardly be happier.

Reg has had a river swim, so he's damp, smelly and sandy. For a dog, that's like being exfoliated, toned and moisturised.

Meeko is in a state of joy.

Pearl shakes off the surplus.

Duke gives it the flick. Great photo, Paulette.

More pluvial pleasure: Minnie (left) and Pete. RIP Pete, you're remembered well.

Jessie James has a world of muck to play in.

Now for the five happiest faces you're likely to see today. First, meet Sam.

This beautiful face belongs to Ebony.

Marzo is loving it.

Stellar gives a big Staffy grin.

Finally, we've come a long way from today's first photos of sodden grumpiness. Here's Charlie, for whom water is just a thing that makes life perfect.

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