Why pets love a garden

19:04, Sep 27 2012

You don't have to have a garden in order to have a pet, but it helps. A garden is playroom, bathroom, bedroom and balcony all in one, with smells to boot. In fact, some pets love their garden so much, it's almost as though they're growing there.

This week's cover-cat is Tari, who's one of those cats who needs to supervise whenever garden work is being done.

Diesel's part of the shrubbery. The great thing about gardens, from a pet's point of view, is how there's always a sunny bit - almost as though it's been planned that way.

The second great thing about gardens, from a pet's point of view, is that there's usually lots of shade. Bailey here is regulating the amount of UV he gets.


Fergus is a curious guy, who loves it when flowers and bugs come out. So spring is a good time for him.

Our collection must have a subcategory of "cats peering out at you from garden beds", because there are so many such photos around. Expect to see a coffee table book devoted to them one day (I assert copyright on that idea).

As a rule, nothing growing in the garden is of any interest to a hungry cat. But sometimes you have to take a little exploratory taste. Here Carli tests if the leaves are al dente yet.

Few foodstuffs are as safe from cat predation as lettuce, but you do have to watch out that puss doesn't squash your plants. This is Fuzz, in among the salad.

You see Lou's eye? In the cat world, that's the equivalent of a "Do not disturb" sign.

Minxie doesn't quite melt into the foliage but is doing a credible job of trying.

Tigger's hiding place has been discovered.

Scruffy-faced dogs with rhyming names are in season: Ella (left) and Bella.

Here's another Diesel, perfectly situated for sun.

Mr Bingley (left) is a budding botanist and takes great interest in all plants, especially ones that may eventually become cakes (lemon syrup cake, perhaps?). He's been known to steal cakes and scones, and to gobble the bread left out for birds (which he ignores). Meanwhile, Tilly checks out the spring bulbs.

Slight problem, Bella: it'll take more than a single blade of grass for you to achieve concealment.

Brina looms among the blooms.

Oscar the tiny Shih-Tzu puppy is dwarfed by towering grass.

Garfield is perfectly camouflaged in his favourite spot.

Sun and shelter - Gingy is in the ideal place.

Meet Tai, lover of sun-warmed stones.

Another devotee of warm rocks is Mr Kitty. Also a good place to watch comings and goings.

Tiger and Boca soak up the rays.

Khepra's a climber.

Coco can handle the sun - just by switching the eye setting to minimum.

Sammy forgot to put his tongue away.

Now some exotic plantings. First Layla.

Second, Nitro.

Third, Mouse.

Fourth, Poppy.

It's always amazing how those plant pots are in such perfect positions for cats! Missy here is sprouting from a strawberry planter. RIP Missy.

Finally, a pet who's really taken spring planting to heart: Scarlett will take root if she stays too long.

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