Fingers crossed for Gunner

Gunner is a young German Shepherd in the battle of, and for, his life. His odds are not the best, but a team of vets and veterinary students at Massey University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital are doing their best to change them in his favour.

If you follow this blog, you may have seen Gunner before. His owners, Damien and Sarah, have used their camera to track is quick progress in the world, and several photos of him have appeared in editions of Furry Friday.

Here he is:

Now here's Gunner this week, under treatment and far from his best, but rallying and a least getting to be in the bright sun.

Gunner got sick a few days ago after eating, of all things, a stick. He went into intensive care at Massey - a place where many pets' lives have been saved.

Damien and Sarah raced back home from Europe, where they'd been travelling. They found him on a drip and a food line, under 24-hour watch, with vets telling them that "they don't get any sicker".

Yesterday, there were good results from Gunners blood clotting-time tests, which were the worry.

Gunner's owners have been blown away by the commitment of his carers at Massey. "Over the weekend, when we turned up to visit we'd often find [vets or students] lying outside in the sunshine next to Gunner, complete with his portable drip IV and food lines. It has been inspirational to see their commitment to the animals - nothing demonstrated this more than the fact neither of them was supposed to be working on the weekend but they came in a number of times each day to check in on Gunner's progress, to see what his test results were and just to spend time with him."

Vets are an amazing profession, Damien and Sarah say - and many of us pet owners know it to be true.  Vets usually enter he profession because they love animals, and they don't seem to stop loving them - though often it's their sad job to bring pet lives to a humane end.

So three cheers for caring vets who understand how important our pets are to us. And fingers crossed, prayers, good wishes, positive thoughts, whatever - for Gunner and the other pets that the Massey team are striving to save today.

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