Perfectly positioned cats

22:01, Oct 11 2012

The cat is a master of placement - self-placement, that is. Wherever there is the chance of a few minutes' relative comfort - preferably but not necessarily along with warmth, a commanding view and the opportunity to be shown at best advantage - then a cat will tarry there.

Some of these places are well known. Others are more surprising, more ... improvised.

In a classic position - a sun-warmed couch - is our cover-cat, Molly.

In the right circumstances, an armrest designed for two-leggers can provide a fine position for a cat. This is Twink.


Another classic cat place: the paper shopping bag, here occupied by Baxter. Points in favour: easier to enter than its plastic alternative; warmer; keeps its shape better; responds satisfyingly to claw action.

Boxes - we need a representative sample of cats in boxes, just to tide us over until the next edition of Furry Friday that devotes itself fully to that theme. Sweet-faced Hugo (left) got among the recycling; Milly repackaged herself.

Perfectest of all perfect positions: as close as you can get to a heater without risk of combustion. Alfie will take a lot of budging.

Second-perfectest, arguably: on the laptop, while it's turned on, and while you're using it. This young technophile is named Grimmy.

If the world will insist on making cat-sized containers, then this is what's going to happen. Mooty fits a treat.

Myrtle is about to be tipped from her bowl, and she's not happy - it may as well be custom-designed for her.

Placement with attitude. Phelia was evicted from the table, but returned to make what she feels is a valid point about how unfair the world is.

Sammy takes his position in another near-perfect cat place: the washing basket.

This ginger tabby is named, what else, Blue. And I defy you to find a more perfect depiction of comfort than Blue in his, uh, planter? Whatever it was intended to be, it's now the location of Blue's bliss. I'm told he's the kind of cat who loves bringing in his treasures - twigs, leaves, bottle caps, hair ties, lamb chop, rubber insulation, bangles, a live baby rat, cat collars (2) and a toy rubber snake.

In like Flint: Flint has crammed himself into a plant pot that actually already had a tenant.

Well positioned for sun and views: the late, great Fred.

Suprema a situ, as they say in the real estate ads: Vala has chosen the higher of the two options, and who wouldn't?

Self-placement in the garden, now. Lily owns the railing.

Koka rocks the table.

Junior indulges in some fantasy role-play, along with two worshipful dog ornaments.

Elly and Deeks are quite ornamental themselves, out on the garden bed. They're not siblings, but were adopted together and get on well.

It's important to place yourself so you're always looking good: even from the rear, Bailey the Ragdoll (left) looks statuesque; Sancho is both casual and terrific.

Finding a pose and sticking with it are Ginga (left) and bathroom gymnast Max. (I'm guessing Max climbed there to claim some heat from just above.)

Meet Velvet, sometime roof-dweller.

Cas are so adaptable. They'll adapt anything you've got, till it suits their purposes. In this case, Pippi transforms a car seat into a bijou cat apartment.

Trillian, known as Trilly, has her own electric blanket but likes to spread her favours and her luxuriant fur across every other surface in the house. Trilly is currently teaching the family Cocker Spaniel to hunt, by placing corpses in front of it then standing back in pride and mockery, daring the dog to match her achievement. Satisfying, but not really a good teaching technique.

Nina's favourite piece of furniture is an antique footstool. She's so fond of it, she'll go and lie on it even when it's been shifted out of the way for vacuuming, and it's up the wrong way. Thanks for the photo, Rosie.

Rusty didn't make it all the way up on to the platform, apparently falling asleep en route.

It looks to me as though a piece of kitset furniture has been purchased, but is currently in that common initial phase where it's all spread out on the floor, for days. Or weeks. At least it gives somewhere for Meg to lie prettily.

Who wants to expend energy on keeping their head up? Not Zoet, who has a chair base for the purpose.

Finally, cat Nirvana: Wilson has positioned himself for the attainment of the highest degree of enlightenment.

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