Cat and dog cuddles

19:40, Oct 18 2012

When my dogs spot a cat crossing our front yard, the whole neighbourhood knows about it. (Sorry, neighbourhood.) It's the classic dog-cat rivalry, plus territorial indignation, at work. But indoors, house-cat Merrick is just another heat source and everything's calm. Dogs and cats can indeed get along together, it's just that it has to be on an individual by individual basis.

Zak and Roxy were best mates a while back - and still can be seen cuddling up to each other. But Zak has grown since this photo was taken and is sometimes too rough for the dainty cat.

Kobi and Jaydis have shared couches together for five years.

Meja and Weed enjoy each other's company. But Meja - who's a 13-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer - looks as though he's suffering long-haul middle-seat syndrome.


Possum and Suzie - both now departed but no doubt snuggling on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Almost nose to nose: Oscar and Major.

Mika the Tonkinese and Major the Border Collie have a love-hate relationship. In this case, Major loves that he got the bone, and Mika hates it.

Sharing is caring: Dexter the pup has Ned over for a kennel party. Dexter and Ned are playmates and grooming partners - but only when they think nobody's watching.

Cross-species tenderness: Jaxx, Siha and Astrid keep each other warm (left), and Jerry greets Snoopy after a few days' separation.

Lui the Samoyed often finds his way into Furry Friday - thanks to his smiley nature. Here he is again with his devoted friend Mac.

Did we mention long-haul middle-seat syndrome? This time it's Rocco and Ringo and it's the cat who's trapped.

Couch potatoes: Mungo, Jerry, Marley and friend. (The fact that I get the Mungo Jerry reference dates me grievously.)

Toby oozes spanielly gentleness - here he is with a foster kitten, teaching that dogs can be peaceful partners for cats. (A stint being fostered in a dog-owning home is a head-start for any kitten.)

Kobie spies on Chopper, and Millie tickles Izzy.

If cats and dogs had their own United Nations, their General Assembly would be one immense bean bag. Delegates Echo and Miss Toes are in full agreement.

Handsome beasts: ginger Hugo and Greyhound Sid.

You may recognise Percy the Italian Greyhound - he's been on the blog before. But these days he shares his world with a fast-growing kitten. What's your cat's name, Ann? I keep forgetting.

Kosher the dog shares the bed with an almost invisible Esky. One still senses a coolness in this relationship...

Sleeping in unison: Chloe and Willow.

Shadow and Lou are tuckered out after a busy 2008.

Young Skyla and the late Meg.

Jerry, Snoopy, Rocky and a fireplace.

Blu and Sam have the same idea.

Brooke and Nefertari both fit in the basket. But no cuddling - yet.

Zara meets Bailey the kitten for the first time. History shows that they hit it off.

Another kitten lover is Tara. Here she is, nuzzling Minnie.

Chairman Miaow and Orpheus guard the house. (Is Orpheus named for that classic movie, Black Orpheus?)

Say hello to my little friend: Ruby with Cleo.

Finally, Griffin makes sure that Purrcy has a safe start to life. Many friendly years together lie ahead...

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