Not resting, but multitasking

23:50, Nov 01 2012

All this talk of multitasking and how good it is - I'm a sceptic. To me, doing multiple things at once seems a poor substitute for prioritising and doing one thing properly. However, I will admit an exception: any task that you can get done one while simultaneously having a lie-down. That, dear readers, is the ultimate achievement in self-organisation and time management - and pets happen to be on to it.

Pets such as cover-cat Tatie, who can lie down while checking the carpet for dust.

Sammy can recline, tie a knot, and prevent a shopping bag from blowing away. All at once.

Chewing, posing, holding a playful expression and resting is Jess.


Playing with a soft toy, holding a playful expression and maintaining a lying-down posture is Fergus...

...while Casper achieves a similar tri-tasking feat.

Chelsea can play and make puppy eyes at the same time.

Fitz's specialty is doing the obligatory lie-down while getting kit-faced on catnip.

Being adorable while lying on a soft surface can take a lot of energy and commitment. Muzzie has both.

So does gorgeous redhead Chloe.

And so does Layla, a Ragdoll with stunning eyes.

Harry keeps a bowl in position.

Coco the Maltese can give his paws a break while keeping an eye on the screen saver.

Looking cute and doing that thing with his paws iz Ozzy, a character who loves his comfort. At home, he's affectionately known as Fat Git.

Parsley likes to lean back and do some amateur astronomy. Or has she just spotted a spider on the ceiling?

Reader Duncan didn't tell me the name of his cat but I suspect it's Amarula, who's been on the blog before. Amarula's multitasking accomplishment is to look cute while placing you under hypnosis. Your eyelids are heavy...

Cloud prepares for a role in The Meowing Dead. (Don't worry, it's called "acting".)

Digby does his bit to polish the floorboards.

Lisbeth thoughtfully prevents the corner of the rug from curling up.

Morgan becomes an art installation.

Remember the superb Rottie from last week? Here's Lucifer again. Is it mulitasking to sleep while lying down? I'm thinking it is.

Zeb can rest at slipper level, do a vampire impression, and explore under the couch for a biscuit. I also feel confident that Zeb is thumping that tail around playfully too.

Hokey does the thing with the paw while melting your heart.

Pearl takes charge of the remote and it's Animal Planet for the rest of the night.

Oscar emanates dignity while playing with what looks like a galosh.

Jersey is Action Cat, minder of the bag and guardian of the shoe.

Finally, multitasking by multifeeding. Opal makes sure the next generation of that other species has the best possible start in life.

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