Cute things that cats do

03:20, Nov 09 2012

Every cat has its own character and its own habits. But there are certain things they do that are cat-universals - those cute poses and gestures that charm us and make it impossible for us not to love them.

Here are some of those cute-things-cats-do. If you own a cat, you'll recognise them all - though it's not an exhaustive list.

First, cute washing. Eyes shut, calm and thorough, cover-cat Tilly goes through her grooming routine.

Sleeping with paw: Cloud works to keep any light from coming through.


Gazing with tongue: Cleo closed her mouth too early.

Big-eyed stare: blue Dymka and calico Chloe.

That cheek-fluffed expression that says "I'll be sleeping soon": Lela (left) and Muzzie.

It's easy for a cat to sleep cute, especially when they've tucked themselves in (or been tucked in). Here's Demetri the Tonkinese.

Pixi snuggles up, just like a proper little person. Poor Pixi was thrown out of a moving car as a kitten and needed stitches on her face. Hannah, a volunteer at the SPCA clinic, had the job of syringe-feeding the tiny injured puss, fell in love with her, and took her home permanently.

Polly the Burmese sleeps in "her" bed.

Janet is in stretched-out bliss, thanks to a soft surface in the sun.

Do you think cats practise certain moves just to melt our hearts? Lenore knows how to do it.

Sapphy the Ragdoll, sleeping ridiculously cute with paw and a lot else.

There's a moment, after feeding, when a cat slopes into a warm corner to wash its face; then it catches you watching it, pauses with paw held up, looks at you, sighs, and then returns to the after-dinner grooming. Here Vader (left) and Nismo are caught in that very feline moment.

No collection of cat cuteness would be complete without something being unravelled. So here's Kili, adding a little playful chaos to the world.

Cats love boxes and look mighty cute in them. Annabel here is both inside and outside the box, just passing through.

This one's a bit special. Every morning, Trouble taps a tin to choose a breakfast flavour. Super-clever, super-endearing.

Focused on the treat: Fitz wants a cookie.

Tosca is refreshed. So many cats would rather sup from a basin, bath or toilet than from a water bowl on the floor.

Molly takes a curtain call.

Leave a space on your bookshelf and a cat is certain to move in... this furry bookend is named Uly.

Classic cat cuteness move: rolling while keeping up eye contact. Trouble is, it may mean "tickle me" or it may mean "don't touch". Which one is on Mumma's mind?

Rolling, plus eye contact, plus knuckled-up hind feet, equals high-level cuteness, as Luna demonstrates.

More irresistible charm from Bob.

Cuteness blowout: Puni takes a pause.

Finally, if you're not overwhelmed by now with all the cat-sweetness, here's gentle Tilly greeting a Monarch butterfly with no harmful intent. The butterfly later went on its way.

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